Friday, April 6, 2012

Battle Wounds

 This is what happens when you horse around and land on your head wearing a headband. Yep Summer learned the hard way. The teeth on the headband went punctured right through the skin and left her in a lot of pain. I am sure she will remember to take it off next time she wants to be super woman. 
A month ago Brayden was trying so hard to tackle crawling. He wanted to go places so bad but couldn't quit get the hang of it. Well he was able to scoot over to the side table which has these metal legs. He learned the hard way that bonking your head on it doesn't feel too good. Poor guy. I need to get rid of the tables since they are not kid friendly at all. 

Unfortunately my sweet kids this is only one of many battle wounds you will have in life. I wish I could tell them they won't ever get hurt again, but I would be lying. Fortunately we all usually heal from life's bumps and bruises. 


Bryan and Rebekah said...


Travis and Sharis Schaat said...

Brayden's big tear is SO SAD!! Bentley recently just put a nice gash in her forehead as well. So sad, but nothing we can do to stop them!!! I'm glad you had a good time at home with your family. Make sure you let me know if you are ever in Boise!