Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Huge Spuds

Growing up in Idaho eating potatoes almost daily it was never a special thing or a big surprise to see a massive potato. My mom worked at a potato warehouse when I was really little and she would bring home potatoes 2x the size of this potato. That was rare and special for me.
Here in Houston when I buy my potatoes they are usually 3 inches long is all like this itsy bitsy one shown on the right. I have never had any that are much larger than that. Also most of the time it is hard to find Idaho potatoes in the bag, however, I think I could by them individually. Most of them are grown here in Texas. One bag that I bought a few weeks ago happened to be a bag of Texas grown potatoes. To my surprise this huge potato was mixed in with little baby ones and a few descent sized baker potatoes. I could not believe my eyes. It was large enough to make a good amount of fried potatoes to feed my whole family.

Now, you may ask yourself why the random post about potatoes? Well, being from potato country I must like my potatoes. So, to all the Houstonians out there, there is hope that someday you too will get lucky and come across a large potato hiding under all the miniature ones.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


So we decided to go camping last weekend since it has been long over due. We have not been since before Summer was born. I do still wish there were mountains around, but camping at Huntsville State Park was nice and green with tons of trees and a lake.

Summer absolutely loved it. She did have the hardest time falling asleep though. I think she just loved being outside and being creative for fun. Also she had free rane to get dirty.

Philip enjoyed playing Frisbee, and just being away from the city and out with friends. Some friends of ours Jodi and Denzil brought bikes, so Philip took advantage and went on some trials with Denzil. It really makes me want to invest in some bikes.

OH MAN!! Now I remembered why I did not want any pictures taken of me being pregnant with Summer. The least I could have done is worn normal clothes. SICK. I had fun camping except for the sleeping part, and I had mega allergies that decided to start the morning before driving up there. It was still so much fun, and I look forward to camping way more in the future.

This is Brinley and Denny having fun. Or maybe just Brinley, Denny looks like he is sleeping or pouting.

Camping always brings so much fun and relaxation. I did remember the Starburst this time. Hopefully I did not disappoint the Scott's or the Roger's by talking it up so much. It really is so yummy.