Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I am late to post about Easter as I am to post about most things. We had a wonderful Easter as we were reminded of our Savior Jesus Christ, the Atonment, and especially that Jesus Christ was resurrected and that He still lives. What a wonderful message of hope to share with our children, family, and friends. There are some awesome videos about the ministry of Jesus Christ you can find here at  
 Before heading to church the kids wanted to find their baskets. Summer had written a letter to the Easter Bunny asking all sorts of questions about how the Easter Bunny looks and if there is magic. I should have written it down or at least taken a picture of it but unfortunately I didn't. Summer found her basket on the first try. The Easter Bunny should have known she always hides behind the couch from us and that would be the first place she would look. Brayden didn't really get it of course, but next year will be more fun for him.
 We went to church and the weather was actually pretty nice. This made it possible for a quick photo before heading home.
It was really nice to spend Easter with family and also to be relieved from cooking duty. I loved it. Philip's mom and dad are leaving on a mission to Zambia, Africa in May so it was nice to spend quality time with them before they leave.

The kids enjoyed hunting a few eggs in grandma and grandpa's back yard. I have fun memories of my childhood Easter. Our community had a big easter egg hunt at the city park every year. The park grounds were filled with candy and when the whistle blew we just ran and picked up as much as we could. Those were good times.

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