Friday, January 30, 2009

We Love Family Visits

A week ago Philip's brother Andrew, his Sister Monica, and her daughter Abby came for a visit. It was so much fun having them here. We love getting visitors. Summer was so entertained with her baby cousin Abby. I think she got a little too use to it because now she is more lonely than before and follows me everywhere.
Abby is so cute and we are so happy that we got to know her a little bit better. Hopefully we can see them all again soon.
Andrew was kind enough to go running with Lyn and I on Saturday. He was practically walking because he has long legs for running fast. Unfortunately we are like turtles compared to him, so he was probably bored the whole time. Anyhow, it was fun.
Here are some random pictures of the events.

Summer Flying at her dad's office. Andrew, Summer, Abby, Melissa.

Philip loving his niece Abby. Abby and Summer admiring the meerkats.

Abby did not like this turtle pose one bit. Oh well, it is still cute to see her even when she cries.
The tunnel in the fish tank was fun for the kiddos.

Summer giving Abby a shoulder ride. We had way too much fun at NASA. Summer and I making silly faces.
Summer loving Abby. Meanwhile Abby is trying to escape.

Star wars Clone Wars exhibit at NASA.
Nice to have a double stroller. (Thanks Rischelle).
It was so much fun, and we really do miss them.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Blessing in Heaven

It has now been 7 months since Scott was born. Hopefully some of you don't get sick of these posts, but it seems to help me a little.

Around this same time last year we had just come back from Christmas vacation and then celebrated Philip's birthday. It must have been about a week or so later that I went to the doctor and found out that Scott had Anencephaly. I had never even heard of it before and could not believe this was happening to me. Of course who really ever thinks something like that will happen and completely change life.

It really was not a hard decision for us to continue with the pregnancy, and let him just grow for as long as he could. Oh how thankful I am that we did because he was so beautiful and so special. He truly is a blessing in heaven. I would give anything just to feel him and hold him right now. My biggest fear is that I am going to forget what it was like to actually be holding him. We have a very short video clip of him that I wish was the whole 9 hours of his life, but it at least it is something. The many pictures we were lucky enough to take are helpful too.

I have this picture of Scott and Summer as my desktop background. The more I look at both of them together I see more similarities. They really would have looked like each other, as siblings usually do. It is just great to think of I guess, and to remember that she is not my only child, but I have two. They are both so amazing to me and great examples.
Although this part of our life's journey is a very difficult one, somehow we have also seen many blessings come. Our experience has completely changed our perspective, along with many other aspects of life. He really has been a blessing to us.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fabric for Kody

This is a post just for my sister Kody who still does not have an email or Internet. If you make it to a friends house to view this you will see pictures of the fabric I was talking about. Let me know if it will work, and which ones you like and dislike. You might be able to click on the photo to make it bigger for viewing.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ringing in the New Year 2009!

This is what I was busy doing New Years Eve. I don't make them often because they are a lot of work, plus it makes more than we can eat. It was fun to make them for this special occasion. We went to a fun fiesta at the Scott's, and had a blast.
Messy tamales.
I was trying to take a pro shot of them, but my cheapo camera just doesn't work like that.

This is what kept Summer entertained for a few hours while I rolled the tamales. Mud, it brought joy to Summer's eyes.

Everyone enjoying the countdown to 2009. Sorry for the blurry picture.
I can't believe it is 2009. I still remember being in high school and talking about the Y2K. It is funny to think that so much has happened since then. Next year will be the Olympics in Canada, and I better get some tickets since that is where Philip is from. We will have free lodging. Plus I am a dork and did not take the opportunity when they were in SLC, Utah. What was I thinking. Anyhow, Happy New Years to everyone.