Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chef Summer

I have been blessed with two picky eaters in my life. Summer and her dad. She is far more picky than her dad, but nevertheless they are both picky. Usually she turns up her nose before she has even had a chance to put a bite in her mouth for a taste. She is one of those kids who insists on taking the crust off the bread, no sauces allowed on her food, no onions, no tomatoes, no peanut butter, rarely a bun for the hot dog, no cheese unless it is grated or string cheese, no mushrooms, and especially do not let her food touch each other. The list could go on and on.

Well one night after dinner I asked how they all liked the meal. They each picked something they liked which was good, but followed it with something they didn't like. Finally I said you are both in charge of cooking one meal this week and when you do I will say eew I don't like that it looks funny, or it has crust on it, etc.

Summer was excited by the challenge and was anxious for her night to cook dinner. We chose Friday since it was the weekend. I helped her choose a meal that was easy since it is her first time doing it on her own. She chose crockpot chicken tortilla soup. Before school I opened all the cans and all she had to do was dump them all in the crockpot and add some chicken breasts. This is what she told daddy about her next step, "after school I took the sharp knife and cut the chicken in small pieces all by myself and then dumped it back in the crockpot." That was all there was to the meal besides grating some cheese to go on top.
 She was so excited for us to taste her meal and see how she did. I knew it would be tasty and that it was a simple meal she could handle.
She must have liked her own cooking because she ate two bowls full of it. Although I said I would complain like she does I didn't. Instead I did what I would like her to do when eating my meals and savor each bite. Job well done Summer. 

Even Brayden love it. I pureed it up and he kept opening his mouth faster than I could get it in. Usually he squints his eyes and won't open for fear that the spoon will be filled with something he doesn't like. He loves the fruit though. I guess I will likely have three picky eaters on my hands instead of two. 

So, since she passed the test of cooking for the first time I have decided that we can try to make it a weekly occurrence. Next on her menu is french bread pizza, and then we will see if she can master tacos after that. I have confidence that she will do a great job. My little Chef Summer
Since we are talking about Summer I thought I would share this picture because I think it is funny. The other day I asked her to go upstairs and get me Brayden's vest. She came down wearing it zipped up and all. I was surprised that it fit her except the length of course. If it were just a bit longer this size 3-6 months vest would be perfect for her. She thought it was hilarious. She is always trying to eat his baby food and crackers so why not wear his clothes too. Funny girl. I sure do love her, she keeps me on my toes and keeps me smiling.