Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Fools Day and Big Roach

This year for April fools my intention was to make some fun cupcakes that looked like the main course. Well I did do some that looked like spaghetti and meatballs since that is Summer's favorite meal. While shopping for the ingredients I saw some large dates in the bulk section. I was reminded of when we first moved to Langley from Houston and Summer saw them. She said, "Mom, come look at these they look just like cockroaches."

When I remembered this I had to buy one and put it in her bathroom for her to find on April fools. That night I got practically no sleep since Brayden thought he would fool me and not sleep through the night. I was lying in bed the next morning while Philip watched Brayden and Summer downstairs. The next thing I know I hear Summer screaming and bawling at the top of her lungs. I know right away what just went down. I knew Philip was not going to let me off the hook because he had warned me the night before that it was a bad idea. Anyhow, I went to her rescue and calmed her down explaining that it was not really a roach, but one of the dates like she saw at the store. After calming down she thought is was a tad funny. I'm such a mean mom.

She immediately remembered the tricks she wanted to play on Philip. The problem was she didn't wait to do it. She went right downstairs and made a sandwich with mustard, lettuce, and cheese on it to give to her dad who HATES mustard. Well she didn't execute it well as he was not planning to eat a sandwich for breakfast and definitely not one with what appeared to be just lettuce and bread. Of course he opened it and caught her trick. Oh well Summer maybe next year. At least I fooled her. Haha.

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