Monday, September 5, 2011

Trip to California

 It had been 6 years since I last visited my family in California. My dad came to visit us while we lived in Houston a couple years back. Since we knew we would have a new addition we decided it was just the right time to make a visit. My grandma is getting old and I really felt I needed to see her soon. So we made the road trip down. 

As you can see above one of the ways Summer stayed entertained was to watch a movie. Most of the time she was bored out of her mind, but she did really good. Brayden did really well too since he slept most of the time. It was horrible when he was sick of the seat and cried as loud as he could. I think he developed a bad taste for his car seat. 

Once we finally arrived it was late, but we enjoyed seeing family and snapping some photos. 
 Here you can see my dad. I look a bit like him, however, he looks kind of intimidating in this picture. I remember when I was little and I would go visit him he wore button up shirts without the buttons done up, along with huge gold chains, and large gold rings the kind that you put three fingers into. My sister and I use to say he looked like Mr. T
 This is my abuelita or my grandma. She is such a wonderful woman and I love her so much. She just loved the kids. She didn't want to stop holding Brayden. It was so hot there and they didn't have a/c so it was like an oven in the house. This also caused Brayden to sleep. 
 Summer found a tree outside in the yard and brought me these. I thought they were limes only to realize they are oranges. Citrus season is not for a few more months. 
 My dad helping her pick the fruit. 
 Summer was roasting to death. She said to me, "I think all the people in Houston must be asking for lots of drinks of water." I think she forgot what it was like to live in the heat. Really I guess I have too. I  don't know how we survived living in Houston's weather but you just do. It is actually funny because since we got home it has been in the low 80's which is the highest so far this summer. We are entering fall and we are still wondering where the summer went. 
 Abuelita loving Brayden
 Summer and my cousin Giselle. 
 Some of the super yummy Mexican food we enjoyed thanks to their hard work and hospitality. 
 Philip enjoying the food. 
 This is my uncle Chaba cooking my favorite ever Carne Asada. Yum
 Summer helping my cousin Stephanie make gorditas.
 The finished product. I might have to try these myself. They might not work out. 
 On the last night there we drove to the temple to see it. It was beautiful of course. It is nice to visit and see all the different temples. 
 My uncle Chaba and his family minus one son who is in college. 
 My uncle Tonio and his family. 
 My dad and our family. 
 My Abuelita and our family. 
 Yummy Mexican pan/bread we got for the way home. 
Once of the nice things about traveling was the scenery. I didn't take many photos, but this one will do I guess. It was so interesting to see the different crops go on for miles and miles almost until we were out of California. We also enjoyed looking at Shasta Lake and wished we could stop for a swim. 

It was so nice to finally see my family again. We hope that we can go more often and that one day they might be able to come visit us as well. We love them and miss them all.