Friday, June 21, 2013

Melissa's Veggie Garden Part 1

I have always wanted a vegetable garden. Well here in BC the rain is fabulous for one I think. OK so I don't really know anything about growing a vegetable garden. Even though our yard is quite small I decided to give it a go as an experimental garden. This will give me the practice I need once I have big garden in the future. So I will be documenting its progress. To start I have pictures that were taken on May 30th, and then again on June 19th. 

First up is a pepper plant. I bought seedlings and hope it works well in this pot. 

 Rosemary, parsley, chives, and oregano. Growing great. 
 In between the grassy bushes I planted butternut squash and peter pan squash. I will be training it to grow up the fencing I put up that is not shown in this picture. 
 More butternut squash but in a container. They were doing so well until I was harvesting some lettuce and Brayden brought me the squash plants from the container as though he were helping me. I replanted them and cross my fingers that they grow. 
 These are carrots that also have survived and thrived quite well after being attacked by Brayden. 
 If you look closely you will see a few small zucchini plants popping up. 
 Snow peas, and sugar peas. I realized that they are very similar. Oh well we will have a lot of stir fry I guess. 
 Red onions which I realized today I was suppose to separate when planting the clumps of seedlings. Oops. I just replanted them today and cross my fingers on these as well.
 In these containers I planted cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli. The broccoli bolted and turned to flower. I cut it and put it in an arrangement with roses. I know its kind of weird but it doesn't look bad. The other broccoli was as big as my fist and I cut it as well because I wanted to eat it before it bolted too. We used it in a salad and it was pretty good. 
 Here is a tomato plant I bought in like march. I got excited early. I thought it was dying from the cool temperatures but then it started producing tomatoes and it looks fine now. 
 In this pot I have planted beet seeds. 
 Near these sticks is a Clematis flower plant. 
 OK, here are the pictures taken Jun 19th. 

Brayden standing next to the onions that I forgot to separate until today. He loves these boots even in the summer time. 
 The tomato plant from earlier. 
 The snow peas. If you look to the bottom left corner you can make out two pea pods. 
 The carrots. 
 In here we have a mix of lettuce. I use some seed tape. It was super easy and has grown very nicely. The only mistake is I should have planted it in a location that gets a bit more shade. Some of it has bolted already. I also have cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, and jalepenos.
 The zucchini plants thriving. 
I didn't take pictures of it all. I will take another set of pictures in a week or two. So far I am proud of my squishy garden. I hope it produces something just so my kids can see it from start to finish. Anyhow, there is the start to my garden.