Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Exploring the Sunny Days

We sure do love the sun. Sometimes we are reminded of how nice it was to have so much of it when we lived in Houston. We enjoy every bit of it here as the sunny days are few and far between. There is so much to do here when the weather is not wet and mushy. 
 Brayden is starting to love exploring at the parks. He can't do much, but he just loves being outside and in the fresh air. We usually put him down the slide with Summer and in the baby swing. When we are at a park that doesn't have bark chips we put him on the ground to crawl around. I wonder why some places still use those bark chips they are so annoying. Anyhow we just play around them.
 Loving the freedom.
 This time of year I love because the bright green moss covers the trees and makes it look like Ferngully the Last Rainforest. Summer loves when we go outside together. Really who wouldn't love being outside exploring. There is so much to see and find.

 We found this interesting looking vehicle and I told her she could pretend it was her ice cream truck.

I can't believe how big she is getting.
 Crossing the Bridge.

 Really Summer's face shows just how awesome it is to be outside. It lights up her face every time. If she is ever sad I should just send her outside for a while.
Brayden having his first ride on the pooh bear bike. This was actually Summer's first birthday present. I 
am glad to put it to use again. 
Soon enough we will actually be able to put Brayden in the bike trailer. We did a short test run and he enjoyed it. Summer definitely went through a growth spurt since moving here. She really doesn't fit in it at all and before she fit with plenty of room to spare. She will just have to do her own peddling from now on. 

This was not taken on a sunny day, but the ice cream was fantastic and we plan to eat some on nice sunny days. 

I look forward to exploring some more. Perhaps farther from the house next time. 

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