Monday, January 18, 2010

Houston Rockets Game

Here in Houston our place is surrounded by sports teams. We have been lucky enough to score a few different tickets to these games over the last three years. Wow! We have been here for three years now.

Anyhow, I had a Relief Society activity this week that I wanted to go to. It just so happened that Philip was also given tickets to the Rockets game for the same night. He and his co-worker who also happens to be in our ward decided to take the girls for a game night.
It worked out perfect because we were able to go to the activity and the girls enjoyed the late night with their dads and each other. Here they are enjoying their cotton candy and the spirit a good game brings.
I handed Philip the camera and insisted he take a few pictures of their night. So he even got one of himself. Apparently the game was great, and went into triple overtime. So the girls were even more excited that they got to stay up later.
Daddy daughter dates are the best. Seriously I love that Phil takes Summer on these special outings. She really looks forward to them and talks about them for some time afterword.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ringing in the New Year!!

Well, we had a pretty uneventful New Years Eve. The only thing that was of interest or concern rather was Summer enjoying the New Years.

Summer decided to ring in the New Year by chopping off her hair. What a wonderful way to celebrate huh. Yeah right! Actually I am lucky that it was not that bad.

During dinner I looked at Summer as her hair brushed her neck. I noticed a rather fresh cut in her hair and it was much shorter than the last. Immediately I knew she had cut it. I told her to turn her head and that is how we confirmed it. She didn't want to admit it at first, however, after realizing that she would get into far more trouble by lying she confessed. The poor 4 year old probably thought that she made a marvelous change in her play salon. I asked her where the hair was that she cut, and she directed me to her garbage can in her bathroom.
Seriously we are so lucky that it was only this much. Unfortunately I will never ever forget the day that I did the same thing only way worse and to my cousins hair. I was at her house playing, and I suppose we were playing salon or something. Well, I decided it would be glamorous to cut my cousin's ponytail off. I can't quite remember if it was up half way or if it was a full ponytail. All I remember was her mom coming home. I am pretty sure we both got in loads of trouble from that. I felt so bad, and it still haunts me to this day.

Luckily Hair does grow back, but for some unfortunate children who decide to cut their own hair it really stinks. I have seen some pretty bad self haircuts, but I still don't think they top cutting a ponytail off.

Cupcake Fun

Last night we got to babysit some of Summer's little friends. She was so excited for them to come over and asked all day long if they were coming yet. When the time finally arrived she was even more happy.

For Christmas Summer got this cupcake maker from my mom that makes enough frosting and cake batter for one cupcake at a time. It is perfect for them to make a fun treat. She has been hoping for some friends to come make cupcakes with her ever since she got it.
It was quite messy because we made some of the frosting too runny. Then, while frosting Summer's cupcake we put the cupcake on the spinner thing wrong and her cupcake toppled over a few times getting frosting everywhere.

Each took their own turn pouring their packet of batter in the bowl and mixing it while the others cooked theirs in the microwave.

They all had fun, and I am glad that I only had to make three cupcakes and not 24.