Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally an Idaho Update

This is mostly a post with several pictures from our trip to Idaho. It was so much fun, and we wish we were always close to family, friends, and mountains. Anyhow, I will give a brief description of each photo.

We stopped at the Mt. Timpanogos temple in Utah before we drove to Idaho. Yesterday was our 5th anniversary, so we thought it would be appropriate to stop and walk around at least.

Philip gave Summer a kiss in the same place we had a kiss when we got married. She seems a little grossed out by it or something.

We met up with Sharlee and Amy two of my first roommates from Rick's College. It was such a blast. I am so glad I chopped my hair, because it looks horrible in this picture.
We went to the Easter egg hunt, and Summer was just too shy to do anything. I don't know why. I had to force her to pick something up. I was so surprised too because she loves candy.

Philip's parent's and his brother Andrew drove down to see us while we were there. We went to Leanne's house in Rexburg. Summer and Grandpa Harvey went out back and poured rocks in each other's hair. Interesting pastime:).

The Easter Bunny came, and left Summer a basket hidden in the dryer. She thought it was so hilarious.

After my sister had her baby we went to visit her at her house in Victor, ID. Summer had a goal of eating snow. She talked about it for months. It just happened to snow while we were there. My niece Tatum took her outside and they caught snow in their mouths.
Summer amazed by this large snowball.

Philip enjoyed holding my new nephew Dawson. He really was so fun to hold. I always forget how tiny they are, and so lovable.

My nephews had marshmallow guns. Philip loved it, and joined in. He even found this random mask and put it on to really get into it I guess. I was fun to see him chase my nephews all around the house pelting each other with marshmallows. Apparently it actually hurts.

Summer and I went to the salon together and Lindsey gave both of us haircuts. It was fun and exciting. Summer did incredible compared to the last time when she bawled hysterically the whole time.

Our after shot in the salon.

A wagon ride in the mud. How fun.

We got together with a very good friend Becca and her kids. Lincoln and Grant had fun burying Summer in the sand.

There is a caboose by my mom's house at the rodeo grounds. We go over there to let the kids play. Summer was hanging on it and playing on it for quite a while. She loved it.
From the caboose.
It was such a great trip, and we look forward to going again. Hopefully sometime in the near future. Texas has a lot to see and do too hint, hint.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Visiting Scott's Graveside

We have been in Idaho for almost two weeks now, and one of the best parts of being here is that we can go to the cemetary as often as we like to visit Scott's graveside.
This last Friday Scott would have turned 10 months old. I went and bought some cute little garden posts to put out there for him. They are so cute, and it makes me happy to have found something I like to place out there. My favorite is a little metal airplane that has propellers that spin in the wind.
We of course still miss Scott, but think of him often. I am especially happy and comforted when Summer talks about him.
This is also the first visit to Idaho since Scott's funeral, so it is the first time seeing his headstone since it has been placed. My mom sent me pictures, but it is so much nicer in person. It is nice to see the grass grown in and to know that the cemetary is well taken care of.
So, it has been nice to go and visit him and just feel the nice spirit there.