Friday, April 25, 2008

Daddy Daughter Date

So, every other Tuesday I have to go to the church for Achievement night. This was perfect this week, because Philip was given some Astros tickets. He really wanted to take Summer with him on a date. He said she saw the vendor selling cotton candy and her eyes lit up so he bought her a bag. She ate half of the bag and all the sugar streamed through her body into the next day. They had a lot of fun together. I am so greatful that Philip tries to take her on dates every now and then so that they can bond. He really is a great dad.

Around Houston

Philip's sister Leanne came to visit last week before she started school for the summer. We had lots of fun showing her around Houston.
Our first stop was the Houston zoo. If you are wondering what a Texas Longhorn is here you go. The zoo here is a really good zoo to me because the most exciting animal at the zoo back home is the ostrich. My favorite part is the Orangutans because the baby and dad are always playing together.
This is a statue at the zoo. Summer really wanted a picture on it. The turtles head got cut off oops.
The Next stop was the beach where we had a lot of fun playing in the sun. That day was a bit more chilly, so we did not go in the water too much.
Summer really enjoyed her new sand toys. I think if the water would have been warm she would rather play in the sand.
This is the only picture we got of Leanne while she was here. Next time I will be more on top of things.

Summer actually let me bury her in the sand. She was so calm and relaxed the whole time I did it. Then the fun part of course is breaking through the packed sand.
Last but not least was a shopping trip the the new Houston Premiere Outlets. Summer loved trying on all of the jewelry while Leanne was trying on clothes.
In all it was very fun to have Leanne around. She was nice enough to watch Summer so we could go to the temple. Summer was very entertained and gave me a nice break. It is definitely nice to have family around.

Friday, April 11, 2008

HUGE Bows!!

So in my last post Summer was wearing a large flower hair bow that I made. I personally really liked it and thought it was reasonably sized. Philip on the other hand was totally thinking it was way too huge. Then the other day I was browsing and found this little girl with this massive bouquet of flowers on her head. I thought if Philip thought Summer's was huge, man this would blow his mind. He of course could not believe it either. Anyhow, So from now on I will continue to make my own hair bows for Summer not to exceed the size in my previous post.