Thursday, March 27, 2008

This is Easter Sunday after Church. We pulled up to our apartment complex, and I saw the flowers. I thought it would make a cute picture. Summer was facing the sun and had to squint the whole time.
When we got home she got to hunt for her Easter basket, and was so excited to play with her fake make up and eat her candy inside the egg. We tried to explain the Atonement and Resurrection to Summer, however, it seems the only part she remembers is that Jesus died on the cross.
Later that day we went to some friends house for a ham dinner that was really yummy. Overall Easter was a great day for us.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So I am finally taking the time to answer a tag. This is the only purse I own really. The contents inside vary from day to day, however, this is the latest.
*Ugly black wallet thing
*Drivers License
*1 Debit Card
*1 Credit Card
*Sam's Club Card
*3 Insurance cards (dental, health, vision)
*Kroger savings card
*Randall's savings card
*Library card
*Hancock Fabrics card
*Ikea kids club card
*Coyote Point Museum membership card
*Portrait club card
*Geico card
*Recreation Therapy Certification card
*Southwest cards (rapid rewards)
*CPR & First Aid certification cards
*CPR instruction card (in case I forget)
*Gap gift card
*Several business cards or appointment reminders
*Picture of Summer
*Check book
*eye glasses cloth
*Scrapbook card thing
*2 of Summer's hair bows
*2 pens and a pencil
*Hair clip
Seems messy, but at least I didn't have stale goldfish crackers in there or something.
I Tag: Brittany K, Brooke, Becca A, Jill C, Jana, & Monique

Fun With Summer

For FHE on Monday we decided to color Easter eggs. Philip and Summer enjoyed each others company while I cleaned the kitchen and took pictures.

Summer loved the color blue. The little egg holders that come with the kits were too difficult for her to use, so she resorted to using her hands. Also, we had to strip her clothes so she would not dye them.

Here is the evidence of the blue Easter Egg dye. Luckily a long bath took car of most of it.

Summer was doing these tricks in her room by the mirrors and asking me to take pictures. I think I should enroll her in gymnastics or something.

Latest Craft Projects

As Most of you all know I am way into crafts. I recently got a sewing machine for Christmas, and have been learning how to use it.
One of our friends her in Texas (Jodi) taught me how to make a pillowcase dress for Summer. It was pretty simple, but I definitely needed instruction. Jodi is the type of person who can just look at something, and then sew it. I was inspired by a purse she made that had pleats on it. I decided I would try out my creative side and make a skirt for Summer with no pattern using pleats. This is what I came up with. I am really proud of myself that I was able to come up with something and that it actually turned out decent. Once I made a skirt for myself, and Philip would tell me to only wear it around the house because it looked way to homemade. I admit there were probably strings and seams that were loose and ugly looking. Philip gave his approval on this skirt, and that topped it all off.
I have also been working on several projects for Philip's sister Monica who just had her first baby today. I can't post pictures of them until I send them off to her. Anyhow, I have to say I love crafts.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I love the 80's

So, last night instead of renting a movie Philip and I watched an old movie we have. We picked Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. It was quite the adventure. It is interesting how back in the day I was such a fan of that movie. Now after watching it again it is still funny but mostly really cheesy with bad acting. It was however, exciting to relive the excellent 80's for a night. I actually really love the a 80's and several movies from that decade. I think I have had my Bill and Ted's fix for quiet a while. Now I must move on to my movies Breakin' and Electric Bogaloo which also have horrible acting with great dance moves. First I need to find a working VCR. You know it would actually be really fun to have an 80's movie party or something where everyone dresses up in 80's and watches 80's movies. I would love that. Too bad they don't still make some of the interesting snacks from then (Pepsi clear or was that 90's) and we could really celebrate .

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Summer's New Obsession

Summer is always so curious when I take my scrapbooking stuff out because there are like 5 pair of scissors. I finally went to the store and bought her a pair of toddler scissors that may as well be her fingers because they do not really cut.

Somehow she managed to figure out how to actually cut with them and ever since she has been cutting away. This has been her entertainment for several hours each day. I just give her paper and she shreds it.
She cuts them and one by one she gives them to us and says she made us a card or a picture. Occasionally she gets really frustrated because they won't cut, but for now she is mostly content with her new scissors.

Flour Power

So I was outside talking to a friend, and was not exactly paying attention to what Summer was doing. My friend Kerry looked over at her and asked what is all that white stuff she is getting all over your floor in your house? Well, while we had been chatting away Summer decided it would be fun to get into the flour that was out in the kitchen because I had been baking. Kerry left and I cleaned my floor which was not to dirty.

Then Summer came in from outside covered in flour. I went to take a look and this is what I found. A pile of flour mixed with dirt. She must have been taking cups of it outside to make her own little baking creation. Luckily I was calm and I grabbed the camera before getting after her. It is just so interesting the things 2 year olds can come up with for entertainment. I guess she gets it from Phil because he use to pour cereal out on the floor and stomp on it. Too bad he did not have to clean it up.

Baby News

So, a couple weeks ago we went to the doctor and luckily he could tell what the baby was. We are having a boy. The next week we went back, and I could totally tell it is a boy. We are really happy.

I will be going to the doctor every Wednesday to be checked and to make sure things are still going ok. There have been no changes, but Philip and I feel strongly that we want to continue to pray for a miracle as we know they can be performed. We are still making plans and getting use to the idea that our baby will more than likely die after birth, but we are still hoping. I am going to start looking into funeral arrangements in Idaho and see from there where we will have the baby buried.

I feel the baby moving so much, and it doesn't feel any different than when I was pregnant with Summer. I can see the baby's movements as well, and that is always reassuring and fun.

We will be thinking of a name for our little boy. We want to name it something meaningful rather than a name that we just happen to like. Who knows what we will come up with. Philip has always wanted to name a boy Luke. Only because he wants to say, "Luke, I am your father". He thinks it would be great.

I will probably update about the baby every few weeks since the doctor visits are pretty much routine and are not too different.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Blog Design

Ok, so I wanted to change my blog to something more spring. This is what I came up with, but don't be suprised to see it changed in a few days. I don't really like it, but gave up trying to make it work. As soon as I have more time to change it I will, and then I will have real posts with updates.