Thursday, June 21, 2012

June the Birthday Month!

This month is so busy for us. With birthdays that is. To start the month of we have Summer's birthday. She wanted to take cookies to her class and since we can bring home baked items to her school we made sugar cookies with edible glitter on them. As we were about to leave I told Summer to get the cookie container and put it by her backpack until we were ready to walk out the door. I then did a few things and went to find Brayden. Well, I found him with the cookie container opened and he was munching on a couple cookies. Fortunately only two had small bites out of them. 
 Summer was so excited for her birthday. She wanted a spa party so we planned it all out and she picked out the colors and the way she wanted her cake/cupcakes. 
 This is what she chose and I was glad because it looks cute, but it was the easiest birthday cake I've ever made. I think we will be doing more cupcake bouquets in the future. 
 All her friends with their facials. They were not fond of having goo all over their faces, but it was fun anyways. Maybe I should take Summer to a real spa sometime.
 This is just after she blew out the candles. I guess I forgot about taking one during the candle part. Oh well.
 Cosmic bowling for her birthday. It is interesting bowling with five pins and small little bowling balls that don't have holes for the fingers. 
 Phil teaching Summer how to bowl. I guess we need more practice. 
 Summer had a lot of fun on her birthday and she is so happy to be growing older. I can't believe she is getting so big and learning so much. Right now she has a thing for Barbies. She gets to play them a lot because we have a LOT of rainy days. She also loves riding her bike, roller blading, and riding her scooter. Now that we live by many neighbor kids she loves having them to play with. We are looking forward to summer vacation so she can spend more time being a kid and having fun. Hopefully we will have some warm weather so we can turn the sprinkler on occasionally. 

Next we have Grandma Harvey's Birthday. Grandma and Grandpa Harvey are in Zambia, Africa serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She is enjoying her experience there so far. Happy Birthday Grandma Harvey. 

 Can you believe my little boy is 1? I sure can't believe Brayden has already turned 1. His dad really wanted to take him to a water park for his birthday, but of course rain was in the forecast. Rain is what he got on his first birthday. It was all day, and it was cold outside too. There was no way I was going to a water park in freezing cold rain. So Brayden had a quiet first birthday. 
 He enjoyed opening the gift my mom sent him because it was the only one wrapped at the time. He mostly liked playing with and eating the paper. 
 We took him to McDonald's for his first happy meal. McDonald's is gross, but we thought they could play on the indoor toys. Well some lady commented how small he was to be eating french fries. Oh well, its not like we eat french fries that often people. Then the toys smelled like stinky feet and pee. Summer enjoyed playing in them anyways, but we just held onto Brayden. 

We ended up going to Toys r Us and then home for cake and ice cream with the family. I saw these cookie monster cupcakes on none other than Pinterest and thought they would be easy and cute for his birthday. It was easy and I think they turned out cute. 

 I don't know where the tradition of giving a baby a personal cake on their birthday came from. It is more interesting watching them make a complete mess than watching them take their first bite of cake. 

Yummy gooey bright blue frosting and chocolate cake. Here comes the mess. 


 This is the face Brayden gives us along with the waving hands to let us know he is done. Well, the waving of hands happens any time he gets excited. Funny kid. He really didn't even eat much of it. He just liked digging his hands in the middle. 

After his bath we finished up his birthday with gifts from us. He wanted nothing to do with it and had no problem having his cousins and sister open the gifts for him. It was the day before his birthday that he took his first few steps. He is getting more brave and soon enough he will be walking/running and I will be chasing. 

Finally the last birthday we have in June is Scott's. His is the day after Brayden's so all my kids birthdays are within a week of each other. Scott would have turned 4 years old. That is so crazy to think of. I can't believe how time goes by. I was reading the post that I wrote the day I gave birth to him. It was especially wonderful to read all the comments that were left. So many words of encouragement and help we received at that time. I think one of his best birthday gifts is that we have so many good friends and family members here to take care of us and help us along life's journey. We still think of him and look forward to teaching our kids about their brother and how he is a special part of our family. 

Now that the birthday's are over for June we can relax and enjoy some fun end of the year activities at school. Can you believe Summer is still in school?