Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Flight, A Wedding, and Bon Jovi

We went to Langley, BC for a wedding last week and this was us on the longest flight of our lives.
It was 9 hours on the same plane without getting off once. It was horrible. Our flight got canceled that morning and we got on a flight that was just a half an hour later, but it was also a 9 hour flight because of the stops it made.

It was action packed as well since on our way from Tulsa, OK to Phoenix a lady across from us got up to use the bathroom and passed out. They had to ask over the intercom for medical doctors in which there were 5 aboard the plane. It turns out she had low blood sugar or something. Anyways, I was glad she was safe and that there were so many people to assist her.

Finally we arrived in Seattle only to learn that Summer's luggage was not there. We waited for it to come in on the next flight and received a voucher for our dilemma since Southwest won't ship luggage into Canada.

We were so happy to be on the road and to finally arrive at grandma and grandpa Harvey's house.

On Saturday the 12th Philip's sister Leanne married Nathan. We look forward to getting to know him more.
Here is the happy couple coming out of the temple. Look at them gleaming.
We especially liked this photo of Nathan. Note: Don't hire Philip as your photographer unless you want some really candid photos.
Summer and her cute little cousin Abby at the reception. I think they were eyeing the cake. At one point Summer brought me a rose and I knew she took it from the cake so of course I made her put it back. I wonder if they poked holes in the cake too.
We made a couple trips to the USA to set up mail service and stuff. Summer sure had a lot of fun in the line up to enter.
Philip and I on the other hand were wishing we had a Nexus pass. We waited about 40 minutes and I am sure that is nothing compared to other days when it is even more backed up. The American flag is just near the pine trees on the right in the far background of the picture.

Once we got home we left the next night to San Antonio to see Bon Jovi in concert. Philip has always wanted to see Bon Jovi, so he finally got his chance.
I am sure he won't be happy I posted this picture but oh well. This is him singing along with the crowd.
Enjoying ourselves.
I must get a camera that takes distant pictures. All of my pictures are horrible and this is the best one it could muster. It was a lot of fun and we are super happy we had the opportunity to go.

With all these awesome events March has gone by fast for us. We move on Saturday and I really hope we are ready by then. Anyways it was fun to enjoy some vacation moments before we take off.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Little Reader

It is nice to see Summer grabbing a stack of books and reading to herself. Today while I was making dinner she was doing something in the living room. I went out and found her reading and actually reading the words instead of making up the story. She has been able to read for a while now since she has been in kindergarten but she never really has tried just picking up a book and read it on her own just for fun.

She even made herself a little faux beach to read at. I guess whatever it takes to get her to like reading. Unfortunately I was not a reader until just a few years ago, so I really hope she likes it much earlier than I did.
It sure is fun to watch her grow and learn new things. She loves school. One of the things they do at her school that I love is the reading buddy program. Older kids come in to her class every Friday and they get to help the kids in Summer's class read books. Summer loves her reading buddy and looks forward to reading with her on Fridays. I sure hope they have something like that in her new school. It is a great program.

Anyhow, now I need to grab a book and get reading. Any good recommendations?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby #3 Update

I went to the doctor today for my second secondary ultrasound. Basically it is a really in depth ultrasound that lasts about 20 minutes compared to my other appointment ultrasounds that are more like 2-3 minutes. I am very blessed to be able to have so many ultrasounds and this one is no exception. I have been looking forward to it since my last one in January. However, at the same time I get nervous and intense as the doctor ask me all sorts of questions that make me wonder if something is wrong. The good news is that this baby is healthy. He weighs approximately 1 lb. 6 oz. Yay what a relief!

Here is a 4D picture that he printed out for me in January when I was 16 weeks. This one is the best because most of his body is visible and I think he might have his thumb in his mouth.

This picture below was from today at 23 weeks. That is almost 6 months for those of you who don't go by weeks. Dr. K tried so hard to get a good picture, and after pushing on my belly for a long time he finally gave up and decide this was good enough. I was glad too because it wasn't comfortable and I am sure the baby was wishing he would stop poking at him. The picture is hard to make out, but if you look hard you will see his profile. He also has his hand and fingers covering his mouth and nose (the three white dots in the middle).
This one is just another profile picture, but without the hand on the face.
Like I said the earlier picture is way better because you can actually tell what you are looking at. Summer came home and looked at them today and she got it right off the bat. She said, "Mom, I can she his head." Philip on the other hand still can't make out anything.

Anyhow, we are super glad he is healthy and growing well. Now we just have to keep being patient until he finally gets here. We can't wait.