Sunday, September 23, 2012

Seattle for the First Time

We have driven past Seattle many times going into the USA to visit my family in Idaho. However, I have never actually stopped and checked it out. 

Since we were there picking up a family member we decided to see a few things. We didn't see a lot, but what we did see was entertaining. We went down by the piers and walked along and made it to Pike Market. This was a lot of fun. They had the most amazing giant peaches, apples, and many other fresh fruits and veggies. Of course there was the fresh fish that was thrown to the back to get packaged up. I Wish I could have purchased a nice fat salmon. 
 These were some chili pepper arrangements. I think they just hang in your kitchen and dry out and then you can use them dried or just for decor. 
 We saw a guy with a parrot on the street. The parrot was quite amazing really. It reminded me of America's Got Talent. The bird could do handstands, back flips, meow like a cat, bark like a dog, and here it is playing dead after someone pretends to shoot it with their finger. You can see that Brayden doesn't quite know what to think. 
 The best part for me were the flowers. Several shops selling unbelievably beautiful arrangements for $5, $10, and $15. Here is the one I chose for $10. I really can't believe how inexpensive they are. They are really nice big flowers with no wilting. If I had this market at home I think I would always have fresh flowers. Wouldn't that be nice. 
  They are much nicer in real life. 
We walked through some other streets were they had some nice shopping but we didn't really actually shop. We mostly people watched as there are plenty of interesting people there. Same within the city of Vancouver. There are plenty of weirdos there too. It makes for great entertainment. 

It was actually fun and I can't wait to take my mom and sisters there. I was thinking if I ever took my brother-in-law Jeff he would not want to ever leave his home again. I think he would never return to the city. We will make sure to take him outdoors instead of seeing weirdos in the city. Haha. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On My Soap Box

So, usually I don't get up on the public soap box. Don't get me wrong I do have opinions, I just tend to share them with close friends and then let it go. However, I feel I can't just sit and say nothing about this current frustration I have.

Since posting this as a status on Facebook would be much too long I have reverted to my blog which I need to update more frequently anyways.

So all year long kids at school are given a bunch of fundraisers to obviously raise money for the school. As if they aren't annoying enough sending these home trying to get my kids to sell as many as possible so they can earn a prize of a silly dollar toy that will likely brake the same day. Seriously my daughter is always so excited to earn the biggest prize which is usually not likely to be reached. She doesn't ever know what the real purpose of the fundraising is for. Anyhow, this latest fundraiser sent home today was of course the Entertainment books. The ones filled with the coupons and are an outstanding $46 per book. There are of course the regular cheapy prizes which the kids get excited about trying to reach. However, for the second year since we have been at this school there have been extra prizes. Some are good normal prizes that I have now problems with like pizza parties, free front row tickets to the Christmas Concert, etc. The prize that frustrates me and I completely disagree with is that if the students sell at least 375 books as a school combined the principal will dress as a woman.

Now those of you who think this is OK will probably disagree with me, but I have an opinion too and it does matter! I do NOT think in any way is it OK to cross dress especially in a school or professional setting. What kind of idea does it give our children. The only thing my daughter repeated over and over all year last year was how her principal dressed up like a woman and went to each class room saying "I'm sexy and I know it." Now you might not think it is teaching them anything wrong, but when my then first grader asks me what does sexy mean and I have to try to explain it. Therefore it obviously creates thoughts and curiosities far above what students let alone elementary kids should be thinking about. I am already shocked that complete sexual education is taught in kindergarten. I was not ready for that one.

I firmly believe that kids are exposed to inappropriate sexual behavior at younger and younger ages and it does influence them. So I will not be supporting the Entertainment books and I will be writing a personal letter to the principal. Who knows if my disproval alone will do anything, but its better than not saying anything at all.

So there you have it. I am off my soap box and have probably offended some of you, but I listen to many of you speak your mind so I thought I would share what is on mine.