Friday, July 29, 2011


For the last year and a half Summer has continuously asked when her teeth would fall out. She was so anxious for this to happen. She even tried making her teeth come loose even though she knew it would not work.

Well, yesterday she was eating some chips and she said I think I might have a loose tooth. She showed me and sure enough her tooth was quite loose.
Forgive the dirty mouth picture, but she had been eating chips. She was so excited. I tried to get her to wait and wiggle it after Philip came home but she could not resist.
Once her dad came home she asked me for an apple because I told her that might help her tooth come out. Well that didn't work. She then went upstairs to look in the mirror. About ten minutes later she said it came out. I didn't believe her so she came to show me that the tooth was hanging by a thread. So, now you see my daughter has surely lost her first tooth.
Here is the classic missing tooth smile. I can't believe she is growing up. I am so happy for her to have lost her tooth. She was happy in the morning to find that the tooth fairy had come to leave her a surprise. She then smiled and said I like having a missing tooth.

6 Weeks

I really can't believe it has been six weeks already. Brayden is growing and time is flying. I am not sure how much he weighs now, but he has grown. Although he is small he no longer looks like a newborn. He has started holding his head up quite nicely. He enjoys tummy time but only for a few minutes and then he gets tired and starts fussing.

Brayden is a good baby for the most part. He is a good sleeper now and lets me get at least three hours sleep at once. To me that is way better than wanting to eat every hour like he did in the beginning.

It has been interesting having a boy. We are so use to our little girl and not all the things that come along with a boy. Mainly we have only really noticed how frequently he pees on the wall, Phil, or himself. The goal now is to get him changed as quickly as possible to avoid old faithful.

Here are several pictures of some of the things we have enjoyed with him over the last six weeks.
We decided to take him on his first walk. Summer was so excited and insisted on pushing the stroller.
There have been a few times when his fingers have found their way into his mouth and he gladly sucks. I think if they made there way there more often we would have ourselves a thumb sucker.
Summer playing with him while I got ready. She is such a good big sister. We like to think there are two moms in the house because she is always trying to take care of her brother.
Brayden and his three month old cousin. It will be fun to see the two of them grow older together and have a playmate.
Philip thinks he looks like he has a mushroom on his head, but I like the hat. I made this as I was teaching myself to crochet.
One day I came in Summer's room to find that she was rocking the baby in her own little rocking chair. He was fussy and she needed to sooth him so this is what came to her mind.
Philip thinks he needs driving lessons already. F.Y.I. we were in our parked car eating. We were not driving with him in Phil's lap incase you were wondering.
Yoga time. My sister brought me a bunch of hand me down clothes. This is one of my favorites. He really has a little boy yoga outfit.
This was taken at about four weeks old. He looks like Philip in this picture to me.
Brayden was blessed on July 24, 2011 which happens to be my birthday. My family was in town so we felt is was appropriate to do it then. I need to snap a picture of the baby alone in his outfit.
Brayden sleeping in on his 6 week mark which was yesterday.
Not so happy I was trying to snap photos of him when he was hungry. I love the frown face.

It has been a blast so far. I look forward to every day I get to spend with my kids. I hope to soak in as much baby time as I can before he gets older and is no longer in baby stage.

Visit With Family

My family has planned to come visit us for a while now. Finally the day came that they traveled the 15 hours by car to get here. We were so happy to see them. It is nice to be within driving distance as it makes it easier for them to visit me too. Right away we could tell we had a house full of kids. It was a good sound to hear kids playing and Summer being entertained.
Summer skate boarding with her cousin Dakota. This is her version of skate boarding I guess because it feels safe.
We took my family to Lynn Canyon to see one of the suspension bridges and to walk around in the woods/rainforest.
We came across this huge slug. Summer thought it was great.
Friday while Philip took Summer and the boys to the aquarium we headed over to Vancouver Island. This is the line for the ferry on the way home. It was actually really fun to ride the ferry because none of us had ever experienced it before. Plus it was really pretty.
Once on the island we headed over to Buchart Gardens which are so fabulous. It was so beautiful and nice to see. I am sure my mom was in heaven. She absolutely loves gardening and planting flowers.
Just one small view of some of the many flower gardens there. I love the bright colored ones.
When I saw these flowers the first thing that popped into my head was that they reminded me of the huge roaches we see in the South. A much prettier roach, but still a roach to me.
My mom and sister Kody. Neither of them wanted their picture taken, but I made them anyways.
This pictures is pure motivation for me to start exercising now that I can. I nice background, and I love my family. We are just missing my older sister Kori. Maybe next time she can make it.

The kids were anxious to head to the beach. It was a really nice day that day, however, by the time we made it to the beach it turned windy and overcast. The kids were still determined to play in the water.
Kiowa enjoying the cold water. He really spent a lot of his time shooting the seagulls with water.
Enjoying the sun covered by the clouds.
After the boys buried each other this is what they looked like. I am sure they both had sand in their nose and mouth.
Sandy kids.
On their last night here Summer decided to play salon. My mom and sister were the guinea pigs.
Aren't they beautiful.
I can't thank them enough for coming. It was so good to see them and also to have so much help with the baby. Summer already misses having kids to play with non stop. I look forward to going there sometime hopefully soon.