Friday, June 26, 2009

Any Preschool Suggestions?

Ok, so I was going to post about the sad passing of the very talented, and at many times weird Michael Jackson. I absolutely love his music and rejoice in the fact that his songs can be listened to over and over on my ipod. It is sad, and he will be missed, I will never get to go to one of his sold out concerts. I will never get to ask him about his chimp named Bubbles. 

However, I am trying to find a decent preschool for Summer and it is way more important than a tribute to MJ right now. So, if any of you who are living or have lived in Houston, have any recommendations for preschool please share. I have looked at a few and plan to tour some, they all seem very expensive. I just want something that is affordable, and safe for my child while at the same time will provide a great learning environment. 

I did not realize how fast some preschools fill up, and now I have to be on waiting lists to get her in. 

Any suggestions at all would be great. Please don't suggest home schooling as I would be a poor teacher. Most of you know I have bad grammar and therefore Summer is probably picking up my bad habits. 

Please help if you know of a preschool for me to look into. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scott's 1 Year Mark

Today marks one year. One year since our baby boy was born at 8:05am on a Tuesday morning. He weighed 7 lbs 13 oz and was 20" long. He was so perfect. We spent 9 amazing hours with him, and loved every moment of it.

Today also marks one year since his passing. I really can not believe a year has passed by so quickly. It seems like a month ago I was in the hospital recovering from a c-section. I would have to say the first six months were a little slower, and more difficult. Slowly it has fortunately become a little easier. We still think of Scott every day, and Summer still talks about him, asks about him, and prays for him. We love him so much and still have faith that we will be with him again.

We have plans to make his birthday a happy one. I do have a lump in my throat that I am sure will be hard to swallow, but a few tears are normal right. Since we are not in Idaho and can not go to the cemetery for his birthday we have made some other small plans to remember him on his birthday.

I made this cupcake and picture for his birthday. We sent it to my sisters who are kind enough to take it all out to the cemetery and place it on his headstone for us. It might get blown off in the wind, or soggy from all the rain they are getting in Idaho, but it will work for at least a day I hope.

We have been so blessed as a family from this experience with Scott in the last year. I know we will always be learning and growing from it throughout our lives. Heavenly Father really does have His own plan, and will only give us these kinds of experience for our own growth and learning. I know that His intentions have always been to bless our family. I thank him everyday for letting us meet and hold our son who we will get to spend eternity with. For this I am happy today.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Four!

Summer turned four on June 9th. We celebrated with her that day as a family, and then on Saturday with her friends. Above is right after she woke up on her birthday. Philip made her breakfast before work. Unfortunately she threw up right after this picture and was not able to eat, go to swim lessons, or go near anyone on her birthday.
This is an awesome Barbie bedroom set that my mom sent to Summer. She absolutely loves it. Summer bawling because she did not want to blow the candles out. She obviously does not like attention drawn on her. I thought this was the best part of Summer's party. I am so impressed with Philip. He gave all the girls a thorough pedicure washing/scrubbing feet, clipping and painting fingernails and toenails, etc. He did awesome. Some random tissue paper flowers I made as a center piece for the table. It was easy and cute. The girls after their beauty salon make over. It was so much fun to primp these girls, and treat them to some fun. Thanks everyone for making it so fun and memorable.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today is Summer's 4th birthday. I wanted to do a slide show, but couldn't figure out how to do it as a post. So, here is a long bunch of photos to celebrate the last 4 years we have had with her. We really are so blessed, and could not be happier to have Summer for our daughter. We Love her soooooo much.

Thank you Summer for 4 wonderful years. We look forward to many more with you. :)

Love, Mom and Dad