Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cohen Jack Harvey

Better late than never to post about our new addition. On February 12th, 2013 Cohen Jack Harvey was born and we welcomed him with lots of love. I was actually scheduled for a c-section on February 13th, but he must have been superstitious like his dad because he didn't want to wait until the next day. I began having small contractions at 4:00am and called the hospital to find out what they wanted me to do since I have c-sections. I knew they would not want me to go into labor so I had to make sure. I stayed at home until 11:00 until the hospital called me and asked me to please come in and get checked. 

I am so thankful for friends who are able to help out at the last minute. There was no way I was going to take Brayden with me. I had to be monitored at the hospital for three hours while they gave me fluids through an IV to try and stop the labor until the next day. Well that didn't happen. In the mean time Philip was at work and was thinking he should go to his meetings before making the 1 hour commute back to the hospital. Well need I remind you that he missed Summer's birth. OK so that wasn't his fault but still. Forget the meetings I was in labor!

Philip finally arrived at the hospital around 4:30 I think.  They came and told us that it would be a few hours before going in for the c-section because there were other people ahead of me waiting for surgery. So Philip went home and helped put our kids to bed and had dinner. I called him at 8:00pm telling him to get back to the hospital because I was going in any minute as they bumped me up. So I was all prepped and ready for surgery when he finally showed up. Things are just more crazy when you have more kids and the planned c-section didn't go as planned. 

I don't know why but both Philip and I got emotional just as they were starting. I think we were both nervous and wondered if we were crazy having another baby with a busy toddler running around. Plus this time the gender was a surprise. I thought it might be a girl but of course I had no idea. Obviously I was wrong because Philip said, "It's a boy!" 

So, here he is making his way into our family. Cohen Jack Harvey weighed 7 lbs 6.5 oz and was 20 inches long. 
I insisted on naming him because Philip has named our other children. I like the nam Cohen so that's the first name. Keeping tradition his middle name is after someone in the family. Jack is my Grandpa Evans' first name. I like it a lot and am glad we got to use it. We both had a girl name we agreed on but the boy name was still undecided. Philip liked the name Van. I won though. 
Cohen does resemble his siblings, but he looks very different at the same time. I think he has my dad's nose. 
 Sleeping in the crib at the hospital. 
 Trying to open his eyes. Look and his wrinkly hands. He actually has really long fingers. Neither Philip or I have long fingers. Ours are more short and stubby. I don't know where he got these from. 
 I thought Summer was going to be so sad she didn't get a sister. She insisted it was a girl and that she knew it. Well to my surprise she was just so happy and delighted to have a baby to hold. She loves this little boy so much. Sometimes a little too much as she tries to tell me how to take care of him. She is such a good big sister. Most of all she helps keep Brayden entertained. 
 Brayden didn't know what to think at first. He held Cohen briefly and then just kept nodding his head no. He didn't know if he liked this new baby. Well he has come to like him but does get jealous from time to time. While I'm feeding the baby he will climb up and practically lay right on top of Cohen. I have to scoot him off with my elbow to protect the more fragile Cohen. Brayden likes to sing songs to him, rock him in his car seat, and climb on the swing while I tell him not to. His favorite thing is to tickle Cohen's feet and say in his cute toddler voice, "tickle tickle tickle." Oh, and he thinks poopy diapers and gas are so hilarious. That a boy for you. 
 Checking out the new baby. 

Although life with three is going to get interesting and busy we are so thrilled and excited for our new baby boy. I know we all love him to pieces already. He will fit in perfectly. It really is so amazing how Heavenly Father can give us so much love for others. I love all my children so much and I know that they are each so special and what a wonderful opportunity Philip and I have to be their parents.