Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brayden's First Haircut

So pretty much all of Brayden's life the whole 10 months of it he has had funny hair. So many people notice his hair and comment about how funny it is. I admit it is funny and sticks straight up. Even his grandma Harvey would try to slick it down by licking her fingers and patting it down when she babysat him. It needed to be cut, but there is some sort of nervousness that comes with letting go of the baby hair. I guess facing the fact that while still a baby he is getting older and growing up. So, I finally told Phil that I just can't let it go anymore.

We got everything ready right before bath time. I tried to just trim it and let it be a longer cut, but Phil didn't like it so he took the clippers and buzzed the poor kid. Fortunately I know it will grow back and I hope fast because he looks so funny. 

 BEFORE: Bushy and Uneven

AFTER: Total buzz. :( Ready to enter the army. 

 What have we done? I sure hope I can master cutting my boy's hair because he can't go around with a buzzed head for the rest of his life. At least I don't want him too. Phil loves it and probably wants me to keep it buzzed. I don't think so dad!

Brayden I am sorry your first haircut did not go as planned and you ended up with a practically bald head. I will try harder to keep daddy away from the clippers. 

Oh, and since we are talking about hair Summer needs to be mentioned. After her bath the other night I told her she needed to dry her hair and brush it out. She came back like this and with a lot of pride. She said, "Do you like it? A lot of girls at my school wear their hair like this. It's called a side ponytail." Summer I think the side ponytail is suppose to go slightly behind your ear on the side and not right at your forehead with all the hair combed over on top of your head. 

She makes me laugh. I love that she was so serious and so proud of doing her own hair. 


Baby Makes Three said...

Brayden looks so cute! And I'm digging the "comb over pony". hee hee :D

Marissa said...

He looks cute either way but I understand what you mean. We buzzed Noah's hair once and I don't think I want to do that again.

Bryan and Rebekah said...

I wore a side ponytail for about the first six years of my life! Not brushed over like that though. Haha. Love Brayden's army styled haircut! You will figure it out for next are good with stuff like that:)

Kevin and Kerry said...

I think the buzz look is pretty darn cute!! I can't believe how much he has changed!! I love your family and I miss you guys like crazy!!!