Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baby Update

We went to the doctor today for our second ultrasound since finding out that our baby has Anencephaly. Two weeks ago it was the same and the doctor could not tell the sex of the baby because of the position.

This week the baby was still being very modest and had its legs crossed with its knees tightly together. Unfortunately the baby is still an it until next week when hopefully we will find out. The doctor was not there this morning because he was in surgery. His nurse was apprehencive at first because she did not want to be the one to tell me if there was no heart beat. I told her I had felt the baby moving earlier, so she was relieved and went ahead and did the ultrasound herself. We asked her to print out a few pictures and she did more than that; she actually did the 3D pictures as well. As you might be able to make out in the top left picture it is the face with a hand resting on its left side of the forehead. It is hard for me to make out, but the nurse explained that on the top of the head where it gets fuzzy is actually the brain matter. This is how they can tell it has Anencephaly.

The 2nd picture is another of the head and face, although this one looks a bit more alien like you can see its mouth is opened.

Of Course the one below is of the baby's leg and foot. It is quite cute and fun that they are able to do this now.
Our doctor and nurse have been so supportive through all of this, and have scheduled me before the office even opens so that Philip is able to go to all of the appointments. This is really nice because then I don't have to be there and find out bad news when my husband is not with me. Like I said, I will go back next Wednesday for another check up because my doctor was not there and he wants check everything himself again.
We are all handling everything very well considering the hard times ahead of us, but we are optimistic. I think now the most difficult thing is planning a funeral, and thinking about a birth plan etc. I will be keeping updates here on my blog, and any other random thoughts I have so check as often as you would like. If there are any questions, don't be scared to ask.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Summer's New Haircut

Philip has been wanting me to get Summer's hair cut for a while now, but I was to chicken. I finally decided one day when she would not let me comb her hair that was full of snarls that it was time. I took her today and she was excited until the lady started cutting. Maybe she thought that because it was a pair of scissors they were going to hurt her. I have not idea. She cried through the whole thing, but it all worked out in the end. I think it will be a great memory for her to relive once and a while.

I love her hair, because I think it will be easy to comb through, and it is a fun change. The salon was really cute; they had little beds to lay them on to wash their hair, and special chairs to sit them on. Also they put Dora the Explorer on, but that did not seem to help either. I wish the salon was that entertaining for me. Usually it is just awkward conversation with the stranger cutting my hair. We will see in the days to come if short hair is more of a challenge or not.

Awesome Weather

Ok, so even though I love Idaho I can't help feeling a little grateful that I live in Houston. We went to the park the other day and this is what the weather was like. It was perfect, really warm, with a cool breeze to keep from overheating. If it could stay that way all year I would love it. Unfortunatley it is extreamly hot and humid here in Houston during the summer, fall, and spring. Really it is only like 2, maybe 2 1/2 months of cool tempuratures. I had to include a picture of Summer playing in the snow at my mom's house in Rigby, ID. We were there only one month ago, and it the weather it even worse now. The tempurature there is like -20 and it is like 75 here. I don't know how I survived the freezing temps growing up, maybe I am just weak now or something.

Anyhow, the park was really fun. We saw a beaver, fed the ducks, played on the toys, and walked. It was perfect for Summer who loves playing outside.