Tuesday, July 6, 2010

****Independence Day Celebrations****

We sure are grateful to live in a country that provides us with so much freedom. We love celebrating our country's Independence Day's. For Canada day which is July 1st we had a yummy dinner with a Canadian table decorations. Usually I like to do something special Canada Day too.

Since July 4th fell on a Sunday we actually started our celebrations on Saturday the 3rd. We were all worried that everything was going to be canceled because of the rain we were getting from a hurricane South of us. We actually didn't plan on doing anything because everything was flooded and the rain was not letting up.

Luckily we woke up on Saturday with the sun peaking through the clouds. We then headed to the parade and carnival. One thing about rain storms in Houston is that afterwards it is not cool and fresh feeling like in the North. Instead it gets super duper humid. I think every person at the carnival had there clothes sticking to them, and it was super uncomfortable. However, I am so happy that the rain did stop and we were still able to enjoy the fun.

You will notice a blurry spot on the upper left of these pictures. That is some of the humidity on my lens. Good thing I have a cheapy camera.

This year Summer was not timid about running after the candy they throw. She got way too much, but she sure had fun.

Anyone want a Delorean? There must be a club here because there were five Deloreans grouped together with their doors up.

On Sunday we went to the Stake Center in Lexington to join in a Star Spangled Sing-along. Afterwards we stayed in the church parking lot for viewing fireworks. That was really fun too. It is nice being with friends and waiting for a fun event to start.

I hope you all had a fun weekend with Indpendence Day festivities. I really am proud to be an American and I love being patriotic. I think if I ever move to Canada someday that I will still insist on driving to the US for the 4th of July. It is a must.