Saturday, March 31, 2012

Am I Crazy or What?

This year Summer had two weeks off of school and actually it almost made three because of the teacher strike. She pretty much had most of March off. I didn't want to stick around the house watching the rain so I thought I would pack up the kids and go for a looooong car ride. We wanted to drive to Idaho to visit my family. Since Phil was going to be away for work it was perfect to be gone at the same time. 

I drove about 3 1/2 hours before I got to the first pass and it was horrible weather. Brayden was super fussy and crying, and poor Summer was left to be the babysitter as we carefully pressed on through the muck. 
 This picture is not even as bad as it really was. This was near the end. Before all the semi trucks were on the side of the road chaining up. The only lane half way visible was the two left lanes that had become one. It was soooo scary and it was then that I wondered what I was thinking taking two kids on a 15 hour road trip by myself. Fortunately that was the only bad weather on my way there. We had a bit more on the way back but not nearly as scary as the way there. 
 With kids we tend to stop a little more often for breaks. We did pretty good though. The few minutes we had we were able to chill in the car.
 Summer was such a good help and I am so glad she is old enough to do that for me. She made it so much better traveling with Brayden. He was really sick with a high fever on the way back so he cried a lot and she would just sing him back to sleep. 
 We had fun visiting with a few friends while we were there. We would have liked to see more people while we were there, but perhaps next time. 
 This is a blurry picture but I love how much it shows they love each other. Brayden really loves his big sister. The day we got to my mom's house Brayden finally took off crawling. He had been trying for a long time only to get frustrated that he couldn't move. Of course learning to crawl opens up a lot more places for him to explore.
 While at my mom's a leprechaun came and messed up her kitchen and left green foot prints all over the house. Summer was so shocked she came and woke everyone up. 
 Naughty little leprechaun.
 At least he left some treats. He forgot to wrap them up nicely but the kids enjoyed it anyways. 
 On the way back I had to snap this picture. Unfortunately the picture doesn't show exactly how messy this little boy was. I am sure that when we stopped people thought I was a mother who only bathed my kids once a week. He was so filthy. 
Sumer just had a good old time I owe her big time for all the help. 

So after going there and coming all the way back driving all on my own it is clear to me that although we love our family and friends we don't love driving by ourselves on long road trips. I think I have learned that with kids it is just different and a second driver or even another adult to have a conversation with is necessary. I am so glad I went, but I don't think I will be making that drive by myself again. I will just have to be patient and wait for Phil to join us. 

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Kevin and Kerry said...

YOu are so awesome!! What a wonderful sweet girl you have to help so much!! I wish Texas was a little closer and you could drive to us!!