Saturday, May 28, 2011

Preparing for Baby

We have started the count down to the arrival of baby #3. We are all so excited. Here is a countdown chain that Summer made. The pink ones are the number of chains left until her 6th birthday. The seven extra ones at the end are the countdown until the baby will be born. If we would have added one more chain that would bring us to Scott's 3rd birthday. June is a busy month for us. So, I have a scheduled c-section on June 16th. The doctor wanted it to be on the 17th, but I explained that is Scott's special day. Anyhow, we are super excited, and now we get to celebrate all three birthdays very close together.
As Philip and I prepare for the baby to arrive we have gone shopping for some things. I set this little bouncer thing up and told Philip that I bet as soon as Summer sees it she will grab her dolls and put it in there. I was right. She noticed it the next day and I found her in the baby's room playing with it. She then noticed a bassinet in our room and ran to get her doll. She is so excited. Yesterday she even helped me put up the new crib. Our last crib was recalled and the company is out of business so we decided to play it safe and get a new one.
The other day she came in and said look at my baby in my belly. Of course the balloon inside her shirt made her fit right in.
She wanted to take a picture of my baby in my belly too. Yikes I am huge.
Anyhow, we are getting ready and looking forward to him finally coming. I told Philip that these last days are going to go by so slow because I just can't wait. He said I should be patient because once he is here I will be even more exhausted and want to hand the baby off to someone. I don't care, I just look forward to meeting him.

Well, I have also been busy making a bunch of things for the baby. Unfortunately I left it to the last couple months and now it is way harder to bend down on the floor if I need to. You can check out some of the things on my craft blog.

I will most likely be posting a few pictures of the baby on facebook since I can do it on my phone. The blog will have to wait until after I get home because I don't think Philip knows how to post on here.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Enjoying Life in Canada

Summer has been enjoying life here in Canada. She really misses her friends in Houston and asks about them almost everyday. However, she has found plenty of things to do in order to keep busy and have fun.
The other day she came down and showed me how she put a leotard on her penguin. She thought it was so great that they could have matching dress ups.

A few minutes later I found her in the living room playing gymnastics with her stuffed animals. She was the coach of course. She taught them all the things she use to do in gymnastics back in Houston.
Moments like this make me smile, and grab the camera. She is creative and loves her animals.
She has also been spending time with her cousin who lives very close. They had fun yesterday enjoying the nice weather outside.
They found a dead lady bug so Summer asked her cousin if she wanted to put the lady bug in heaven. Summer made a sign and they went out to burry the bug. Translation of the sign, "Dead Lady bug be gentle."
Today Grandma Harvey came over with some flowers to plant with Summer. I was delighted because Summer had so much fun, we have lots of flowers, and I didn't have to bend over with my big prego belly to plant them. Summer wasn't too thrilled to see me taking pictures.
Summer relaxing while Grandma does all the work. Still making Grandma slave away.
Finally she gets in there and finishes off by watering the flowers. It will be fun to see them bloom. She also planted a flower my mom gave her last year for her birthday. Now she finally gets to watch it grow.

Anyways, there you have it some adventures from Summer.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


You know you have lived in the South for a while when your five year old daughter mistakes a bin full of dates at the grocery store for a bin full of cockroaches.

That is one thing I don't miss about Houston. Thankfully we did not ever see as many as all of these dates, but we did see a few every summer. Anyhow, I thought it was really funny that she actually thought they were roaches. Thankfully they are not, but they do look a little unappetizing.

Unrelated to roaches is the picture below.
In the morning Summer likes to come in my room and watch some cartoons which is fine by be because it means I can sleep a little bit longer. For now anyways. I had to take a picture of this when I saw it because it was so cute. She has so much concern for her penguin and barbie that she shared her blanket with them while they all watch cartoons together.

I sure do love her.