Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Moving and What Not

Well, I have a lot of updating to do. So I will start from the beginning. Just before we headed out of Houston our wonderful neighbors had us over for dinner. We will seriously miss them so much. We have been fortunate to have really awesome neighbors all the way around us. Bertha and her mother Nancy live next door to our place in Houston. They are always so kind to us and especially to Summer. Bertha is like a grandma to her. It was just nice to be with great people before we left and it only made it harder to leave. Oh, and yes we were all wearing summer clothes.
On Philip's last day of work at Merrill Lynch he was able to get this photo of all his colleagues. I know he misses them greatly. Our family is very fortunate to have had them all in our lives and provide so much growth and learning to Philip. They really are the best team.
On Summer's last day of school each of her classmates made a goodbye card for her. It was so cute. Most of them were of Summer and the classmate with tears in there eyes. The pictures and notes were very fun to read.

She is going to miss her teacher so much. She was such a great teacher. Really I will miss the school as well. This is Summer and her teacher.
I had to get a picture in front of the school entrance so we went back after all the kids had been let out so we could take one last picture.
Now on to the actual move. We ended up with a 26' truck and we are glad we got it because anything smaller would not have worked. It is amazing how much we accumulated over 4 years.

Summer had a lot of fun with her good friends while the men packed everything up. Here they are teaching E. how to ride a bike.
Thanks to all our friends who came to help us out. They worked hard and got it all packed within an hour. Way to go. We really could not have been so lucky to have all the help.
On to the actual move. We headed out late afternoon on Saturday the 26th. We drove what we thought was a great route until Philip realized he packed the directions. So we just looked at a map and decided on our own. I think we ended up taking the scenic route. Summer was so exhausted and this is how she ended up sleeping most nights until we made it to a hotel. It looks very uncomfortable.
I am not sure where we stayed the first night, but it was somewhere in Texas since the state is so huge. Our second night we stayed somewhere in New Mexico and the next morning as we started driving Summer finally saw what she was hoping to see. SNOW! She took many pictures of the snow and even asked if she could play in it.

Summer taking more pictures.
Summer and aunt Laurel. Having fun while we were stuck on the Mountain.
Yes, we got to the top of the mountain and had to come to a complete stop. At first we were nervous because there is no way Philip would have been able to turn that huge truck around. Apparently there was an orange snow plow that was in front of us that had gotten stuck in the snow drift. They asked us for a shovel thinking with all the stuff we had in the Uhaul we had to have one. Little did they know we don't use snow shovels in Houston.
Finally the snow plow got out and was able to clear the huge drift that was blocking the entire road. We were so lucky there was a snow plow up there or who knows how long we would have been at the top of that mountain.
Finally we were on the road again and we drove and drove. Reminds me a little bit of Dumb and Dumber.
When we saw the Utah sign we were all so happy and excited because that means we were almost half way finished with the drive. And the roads would become more familiar.
This is in Moab. Really the scenery in Southern Utah is quite interesting.
I guess this is where we were just wishing we were there already and we stopped taking pictures. Anyhow, we finally made it on Wednesday March 30th. The border didn't take as long as we thought, however, it was more expensive than we thought it would be. We were just happy to finally be done driving.

Well that is the short version of the trip details. We will really miss Texas, as well as America. Fortunately we are about 25-30 minutes from the border. We will be visiting often.

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