Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter at Stanley Park

This year we started celebrating Easter with family home evening. First we had a lesson with a bunch of plastic eggs filled with things that represented certain things from the scriptures about the Atonement and the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. It was great, and I think I will do it again next year.

For the activity we dyed eggs. I still don't know what to do with them because I don't think any of us are big on deviled eggs.
I guess Summer is not quite sure what to think of the color. Her face just cracks me up. I am not sure what she is thinking.
I searched and searched for a community Easter egg hunt. Maybe I didn't search good enough, but all the ones I could find were on Sunday and you had to pay a bunch to go to one. Thanks to my brother-in-law Andrew we were able to go to Easter on the train at Stanley Park. He sent me a link and it sounded great to me. So we decided to check it out. Summer loved seeing the Easter Bunny. Apparently the Easter Chick was suppose to be there too, she could not find the chick anywhere and was disappointed. She even wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny to tell the Easter Chick that she missed him today.

As part of the hunt she got to ride on the train. We all enjoyed it and saw many interesting things.
We saw our first Canadian moose. OK so its just a statue, but it was a moose in Canada.
I obviously need to learn how to operate my camera. Here is a very blurry picture of Summer hunting for the three empty plastic eggs she was allowed. After she found them she traded them in for a bag of candy.
After we left that area of the park we decided to walk around a little bit. The tide was low, so Philip, his dad, and Summer went down to search for baby crabs. I stayed up because the stairs were really steep and I had already fallen down the stairs in our house today. So, I decided to play it safe.

Here is one of the baby crabs the found. I just know if my sister's kids were here that they would love to do this.
Summer showing me a crab. She really did not want to hold it even though it was dead. She was just fine putting it down.
There were piles of purple starfish all over the place. I don't think I have seen so many before. We also saw a raccoon, but I couldn't get a good picture because it hid behind a rock.
The pictures don't really do the justice, but it really is so beautiful here. I thought I would have a picture of myself.
Philip, Me, Summer, and Grandpa Harvey.
Summer really enjoyed spending time with her grandpa. She loves him so much. We walked a long way and I was impressed how far she went.
Summer enjoying the sun and the break while we waited for dad to go get the car. I was the wimpy prego lady that insisted to wait for a ride.
We really had a lot of fun there. I would love to go there for a picnic, and a bike ride. Oh, and so many people still roller blade here. I haven't done that in years. Perhaps I will try it after I have this baby.

There are so many things I have yet to see here. Now that it is getting a little warmer I look forward to going out and having new adventures.

More on Easter after Easter.


Marcy M Miller said...

You look great Melissa- Congrats on the baby! I love Stanley Park! When we lived in Ferndale, WA, we went there once- it was such a gorgeous place. There is so much to see and do by the ocean. Summer is such a doll.

Kevin and Kerry said...

I can't believe you are wearing is to weird to think you might be cold when we are sweating hot!! Looks like lots of fun, my kids will be jealous Summer got to meet the Easter Bunny.

krystyn said...

fun! i love stanley park too! it looks like you guys are starting to enjoy all that is the beauty of vancouver. and did i mention you look so cute and prego, not beastly like me? no fair. seriously, you look great! can't wait to meet baby!

Travis and Sharis Schaat said...

Melissa you look so CUTE! And it looks sooo pretty there!

Kim E said...

Melissa, you look amazing! I wish I looked that cute pregnant! I hope you guys are loving your new place. You're definitely missed here!