Sunday, April 17, 2011

High Heels

Back in Houston Summer had a few friends that had dress shoes with a small heel on them. Ever since she has always wanted some too. Finally I gave in after her Grandma Harvey bought her this cute Easter dress that she needed shoes to match. Of course we stumbled upon a pair of white shoes with heels on them.

Here she is so excited to finally be wearing her very own pair of high heels.
She is so proud of them and could not wait to show her dad. She is such a girly girl and I think Philip likes that. The first thing she wanted to do after she put them on was hear them click on the floor. She makes me smile.
She insisted that I take a picture of her doing a curtsy.
Finally here is a photo of me at 30 weeks. Kristen this is for you. OK, and anyone else who cares to see a huge prego lady. I had to use Summer as my Photographer and I think she did a pretty good job.
It is fun to see my little girl transitioning into a girl rather than a toddle girl. I do admit that I wish I could have her small again, but I can look at pictures right. Anyhow, I hope all you women enjoy your own high heels as much as my little one enjoys hers.


Kristen and Ryan said...

Wow, its my lucky day! Not only do I get to see a cute and pregnant Melissa picture I get it dedicated to me!
You seriously look so gorgeous! I am so excited for you and a so sad I'm not closer to share it with you.
Summer's shoes are adorable and so is her hair! Such a big girl. Kate misses her!

Amelia said...

Looking great at 30 weeks! And CUTE shoes!

Kevin and Kerry said... look soooo cute!!! You luck so good for being only ten weeks away!! I am jealous! Summer is so cute in her high heels!

Heather Ridge said...

Melissa, you look amazing as always. Summer is so stinkin' cute. So excited to see pics of the babe in not so long......10 more weeks, eh!

Erin said...

I love it! Heels are so fun! You look fantastic!

Monique said...

You look sooo good! And, Summer looks adorable in her heels. Sam's never had them, but I'm sure the day will come soon that she asks! Now that we live so close, we should try to meet up somewhere! Glad things are going well in Canada. :)