Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two weeks in Canada

We have been here in Canada for about two weeks now. Things are definitely different, but we are doing good and trying to adjust.

Here are a few highlights from the last two weeks.

Summer waiting in the line up to go into school. She is very shy and doesn't like standing in the line up without me nearby. She is adjusting well and likes her teacher. It is not nearly as intense as her last school. In fact it may be a little too laid back. She even compared it to the Owl's Nest preschool that she went to. She likes it and as long as we continue practicing reading, writing, and math with her at home I won't worry. The biggest challenge is picking her up from school because it is very busy and there is no system for picking up. There are very few parking spots which makes for a chaotic dismissal.

Today she told me that the best part of school was making Easter baskets that they are suppose to leave at school so the Easter bunny will put stuff in it for them.
Here are a few pictures of our townhouse. I only took a couple because we still have a lot of stuff in boxes. The thing I like best about it is the light that comes in. It is very different having the morning light wake us up.

This is the view from our chapel. Isn't it nice. We are so fortunate to live only 8 minutes from the temple. Now we need to take advantage of it and go frequently. It will also be nice for Summer to see it every week.
Summer holding her new cousin. She is practicing for when she gets to hold her own baby brother. Isn't he so cute. Now he needs a name.
On the way to the hospital I spotted this ghostbusters car. I had to take a picture. It would be so awesome if the owner would let me borrow it for the trunk or treat at Halloween and then I would dress my family up as the ghostbusters. Anyhow I thought it was neat.
Summer found a new thing she can do to help me cook. She can grate cheese. She really did a great job and found it to be very enjoyable.
Yesterday I let her go outside because it had finally stopped raining here. She made some sort of lounge area and brought her dolls. She really enjoyed playing outside and I enjoyed letting her go out and seeing her from the window.
She also had the idea to have her lunch outside on the patio so that she could enjoy the sun. So here she is with her doll enjoying a picnic.
We are starting to feel somewhat settled. It will be nice once we have everything set up. I especially can't wait to get my permanent residency papers turned in because then I can actually go into the US without fearing being refused entrance back into Canada.

It is nice being close to family and seeing them often. Summer has enjoyed being picked up from school by her grandpa once and also going on a special date with grandma to dinner and shopping. We really enjoy having them so close now. It is even nice that we are closer to my family so that it is much more possible for them to visit us as well.

Anyhow, more updates to come as we venture here in Canada.


krystyn said...

yeah! you made it! your townhouse looks super nice, where is it located? good for you for letting summer grate cheese, i need to let greta get her hands dirty in the kitchen more often. Looks rainy out there, but at least its not snowing like here! hope you have time to get all settled before baby comes, good luck!

Amelia said...

Yay I'm glad you all made it safely! We've definitely noticed the absence of the Harvey's in the ward :(

Travis and Sharis Schaat said...

Your townhome looks nice! The temple is beautiful! I hope you get settled in soon, and that you get accepted in Canada:)

Kevin and Kerry said...

Wow, what an update!! I am glad you have settled in. Your new townhome looks wonderful!! I am jealous!! Looks like you have had lots of fun adventures....hope you'll continue to enjoy your new life!

Natalie said...

Your townhome looks great!! Summer is such a beautiful girl. Good luck getting everything settled.