Thursday, May 12, 2011


You know you have lived in the South for a while when your five year old daughter mistakes a bin full of dates at the grocery store for a bin full of cockroaches.

That is one thing I don't miss about Houston. Thankfully we did not ever see as many as all of these dates, but we did see a few every summer. Anyhow, I thought it was really funny that she actually thought they were roaches. Thankfully they are not, but they do look a little unappetizing.

Unrelated to roaches is the picture below.
In the morning Summer likes to come in my room and watch some cartoons which is fine by be because it means I can sleep a little bit longer. For now anyways. I had to take a picture of this when I saw it because it was so cute. She has so much concern for her penguin and barbie that she shared her blanket with them while they all watch cartoons together.

I sure do love her.


Kevin and Kerry said...

Oh my gosh....that picture totally freaked me out when I saw your title ROACHES!! Ahhh!!

Emily said...

that picture totally made me shudder.

i was worried you opened up a box that you hadn't unpacked yet and found that! ugh.

everybody misses you guys!

emily nolte

Brekke said...

I've heard the same mistake made wtith Pecan Pie. It makes you think twice before you eat it.