Sunday, May 30, 2010

And She's Off

We have been trying to convince Summer to let us take her training wheels off for a few months now. She was pretty hesitant to let us do so. When she learned that one of her close friends learned to ride her bike I guess she was a little more excited and confident about doing it.
It took about two days for her to really catch on. She was attracted to all the buildings at first and was like a magnet heading right for them. Finally she got the steering down and can go in a straight line and even turn.
She loves riding her bike even more than before.

She does wear her knee pads and helmet to keep safe, but I am tempted to take them off sometimes just because of how hot and humid it is here. I will keep her safe though, and she will just have to sweat it out.

I am so glad she has hit this milestone. It is nice to see her find another form of entertainment.