Friday, May 14, 2010

Breakfast or Fabric??

Breakfast Anyone?
On Wednesday we had a guest speaker at our ARM meeting. She was there to help us learn about saving money in several ways including coupons. My sister has been trying to get me into this as well. However, I have always thought it was over my head and too much work.

I think I needed to see it presented to me the way it was because I left with inspiration to take on the challenge.

We were running low on cereal and I noticed a sale at Randall's this week. I was planning on buying some of it anyhow. Then thanks to Amy our wonderful speaker, I was able to get some even better deals.
My very first coupon excursion brought me all of this above. I paid $9.58 out of my own pocket, and then got a $3.00 & $4.00 on your next purchase. 3+4=7 off my next purchase. Subtract that from the amount I paid out of pocket and it looks like this 9.58-7=$2.58. So, for all of this stuff above I really only paid $2.58 which equals out to .23 cents each. That is a good deal if you ask me. For one spaghetti sauce alone it usually costs at least $2.50 for that brand.

Day 2: This is what I brought home today on my second coupon excursion. Do you think you can guess what I paid for it? I should have thought to do a giveaway for the winner. However, I will do that on my craft blog in the next week or two.

Anyhow, I did four different transactions and the lady at Randall's couldn't figure out why the coupon kept coming up in the negative. I don't know either. The first transaction was the two bottles of scrub bubbles Which I ended up owning $3.98, but paid with it using the $4.00 catalina from yesterday.

I also think I messed one of the transactions up, but still came out on top. After all the coupons and catalinas used I ended up paying $3.08 for all of this out of my own pocket. I also left with another $3.oo and $4.oo off next purchase catalinas. So when you take the $3.00 + $4.00 from today and subtract the $3.08 I ended up making $3.92. What a steal, so everything was basically free.

I hope I can score on some other awesome deals as I continue my venture with coupons. Have you found any awesome deals?
Fabric Steal!
At Summer's gymnastics center they had decorated for the mini olympics that they do every spring. They purchased two bolts of nylon chiffon to decorate with. I must tell you that it is not easy to find this stuff in stores. When I saw it hanging up I asked the owner where she purchased it. It turns out that there is a store here in Houston called Southern Imports that does costumes and some other weird stuff, and they happen to sell it in all sorts of colors. It is sort of by Herman Park.

Anyhow, she told me that she would be willing to sell it to me when she was finished with it because she would not be using it again. So, she paid $170 for all of it. I got all of it for $50 which I think is pretty good. As you can see there is a ton.
Luckily my friend is going to go in on it with me and buy half so that I don't have so much fabric sitting around. I have some plans for it, and if there is any left I might just do a giveaway or something.
This is all the folding I still have left. It is a lot of work to fold it nicely, but will be easier to work with when finished.

Some other great places to go for fabric discounts are, and, usually I can find good coupons for 20-30% off plus if you spend $35 or more you get free shipping with

Good luck to all of you trying to find great deals.


Philip said...

So I"m starting to wonder what I'll come home to next. In some way I think Melissa is like my dad. She'll buy something if it's on sale and who knows if we really need it. Despite this I'm grateful she is eager to save money. Now if she can just get a really good deal on a HDTV.

Brekke said...

You got some really great deals! I'm impressed.

Leaa said...

So you have to tell me how you did that with the coupons...are they just the ad's or are they online?