Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finally a Trip to Idaho!!

Finally I am blogging about my trip to Idaho. I thought I had already done it until today when I saw the ducks from my last post at the top.

Anyhow, we were able to go to Idaho for two weeks to visit my family. It was way past due, and I am so glad we finally got to see them. I would say the only real challenge about living in Houston is that it is so far away from family. Good thing we have such awesome friends, and neighbors.

Phil was able to come to Idaho for a few days, but then he rode back to Vancouver, BC with his family. He wanted to go to the temple open house since it is just a few streets over from his parents house.

Here are some of the things we were able to see and do while visiting family.

WARNING: Lots of pictures.

At Broulim's grocery store they make this colored bread for all the different holidays. My mom saved some from Easter so Summer could enjoy it too. She thought it was so fun.
Summer enjoying playing with her cousin Guage. He is so hilarious. He is a little smarty pants and a little rambunctious at the same time. I was very entertained by every visit from my little nephew. We sure are glad he is in our family.
I love this picture of Summer with Grandpa Harvey. They look so happy. Philip's family came down for a few days because his youngest sister was graduating from BYU-Idaho.
Thanks to Jeff my brother-in-law Philip got his wish to go horseback riding. Thanks a ton Jeff. You made the whole trip for Phil.
Phil enjoying the horseback riding.
This was a beautiful spring day. This is what I miss about living in the Northwest. Hills and mountains at your fingertips. I love the mountains and unfortunately took them for granted while I lived so close to them.
My sister Kody holding an antler horn that she found. Apparently it is a pretty big one. I would have no clue as we are not the hunting type. Philip found a little tiny one, but I forgot to take a picture of that.
Philip and I in our non horse riding shoes. We were obviously not prepared. Imagine this in about a month when it is more green and lush. I want to go for another ride so bad.
This is at my sister's house just days after the horse ride. I think we experienced all four seasons while we were there. Summer sure was happy to play in the snow. My sister on the other hand is still experiencing snow storms in May, and I don't think she is so happy about it.
My nephew Kiowa refused to go out and play with the kids. The next thing I knew he was playing out there with no shoes, coat, or gloves on. I guess he prefers frozen limbs.
Last year we went to Idaho around the same time. My nephew Dawson was born then. Well, he just celebrated his first birthday. We got him this drum and he went crazy for it. Here he is playing with full force.
Dumb and Dumber! This little scooter is rad. I love this and wish that I could have had a turn too. Summer was a little scared at first, but then came to enjoy the ride.
Dawson was so funny. He would hold on to the front and stand while my niece Tatum took him around the block. He loved it.
He also fit nicely in the dump truck.
She is such a poser. I think I am going to have a teenage girl that loves jewelry, clothes, makeup, and shopping. She is already into trying on clothes at the store and will not let me take them off until she does a little dance in front of the mirror while singing a song. I love it though. It makes me laugh every time.
I was lucky to get together with a few of my friends while I was there. We went to the park on this really nice day. It is always good to visit with friends and keep in touch.
Isn't he cute.
My sisters Kody and Kori pretending they are going to get a tan. It actually was really nice that day. I think in the 70's or something.
On our way back to SLC to catch our flight we stayed at a hotel for a couple nights. Kiowa and Summer were playing super heros by jumping off the bed with their goggles on.
I told you she likes to shop, and try everything on.
My nephew was getting so sick of driving and shopping by this point. When going to the airport he did say that he was glad we were going home. I would get sick of shopping and riding in a car too if I were a kid. I think deep down inside he really wishes I lived next door.

We also went to visit Scott's graveside a couple times. Summer picked out a bouquet of flowers to leave out there. It was nice to take flowers out there since we don't get to do it that often. My mom goes out there and leaves things there from time to time.

It was such a fun trip. I always love going for a visit. I love my family so much and wish we were able to visit more often. There will not be any year gaps from now on though. It was too long.

Thanks family for such a great time. We loved it and miss you all already.

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Kevin and Kerry said...

Sounds like a great trip. I am glad you were able to catch up with your family and friends. It looks like tons of fun, but we're glad to have our neighbors back.