Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby Teeth

 Yep, that's right. Our little Brayden has already sprouted some teeth. I think Summer got her first one at four months. Brayden turns four months on Sunday. I guess they are right on track with each other. 
In fact they look an a lot alike. Most people that see him tell me he looks just like Summer. Their baby pictures look so similar. In fact there are a couple of Summer in gender neutral pjs and it looks like it could be Brayden. This picture below is of Summer around Thanksgiving in November 2005 she is just about a month older than Brayden is right now. Crazy. 
He goes to the doctor tomorrow so I will be able to post his four month stats after that. He is a happy and content baby. Some of the highlights of his life right now besides getting teeth are:

*He hast started to grab at toys and loves his new teething rings. 
*Pulling hair especially Summer's has become one of his talents. Of course he doesn't really what he is doing. It just gets near his hand and he closes his fist.
*He loves to tell us stories in his own little baby language of coos and goos. 
*This little boy is my pooper. I should keep a tally of how many blow outs this kid has. I think it is safe to say that he has one almost every day. Emergency baths required. 
*He is growing. Philip got him out of bed one morning to say that he grew over night. 
*He loves bathes especially sticking his feet all the way up in the air and splashing them down into the water. 
*Summer is his best friend. He loves her, and she knows how to make him smile. 

I could not be happier to know that my kids have each other. Being a mom is the biggest blessing and although it can be hard sometimes I still love every moment of it. 

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Cora said...

Melissa, we only met once, but a long time ago my brother and I were good friends with your husband while he lived in Calgary. My name is Cora Isackson and I was hoping to catch up with him and see what's new with you guys. The last I heard you were in Houston, but it seems you've come north. If you could please say hello for me and pass along my email address, it's coraisackson@gmail.com

PS congrats on your new son! He's beautiful!