Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All About Halloween

This month we wanted to have a lot of fun with Halloween. First we started off with some fun Halloween dinners throughout the month. I started off with the ghosts and pumpkins made from mashed potatoes. That was documented in my last post. Some of the others we had are below. 

This was a snake calzone. The tongue got a little over cooked but Summer still had fun with it. 
We had black bean soup with cheese spiderwebs and some orange and black tortilla chips my mom sent us. 
For our Halloween dinner we did the classic mummy dogs. There may have been a few more festive meals in there but I can't remember. 

Next up we wanted to let Summer have a party with some of her friends. She helped me plan the party and we started early on baking and getting set. Here are some of the fun things we made for the party. 
Colored bread inspired by bread sold at the Broulim's bakery my mom works at. I thought it would be fun for sandwiches so I made the bread dough and kneaded forever to get the bright colors. I need to invest in a standing mixer someday. Above is the dough before it was raised. 

This is what the bread ended up looking like after it was cooked. We enjoyed toast and sandwiches with it.

 I am sort of obsessed with cake pops. I need to stop making them, but they are fun. We made pumpkins, black cats, and purple people eaters. Red velvet inside.

 Carving pumpkins with some friends
 Summer's first power tool. She loved using it. I need to invest in this power pumpkin carver.
 Scooby fast asleep until he wakes up for more Scooby snacks.
 Daphne loved her costume and loved the candy she got even more. Our ward had a nice trunk or treat with chili, cupcake contest, parade of costumes, and finally the trunk or treat.
 The front side of Summer's pumpkin that I carved. I forgot to get a picture of the part she carved.
 Philip's attempt at Darth Vador. He ended up with a huge eye. It still looks good though. I never got around to carving my pumpkin, and Brayden's I am planning to puree for muffins.
 The whole gang except for Fred. We need another kid. I guess we can pretend Fred was parking the mystery machine.

I finally found a wig last minute for $4. It was actually suppose to be a Justin Beber wig, but I think it worked out for Shaggy. Summer and  Brayden loved trick or treating. We all loved getting trick or treaters at our door for the first time even if it was only 20 kids. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to next years costumes. I hope you all had a great Halloween.


Leanne Soll said...

Melissa, Can you possibly be a better mom!?? You are amazing. Thanks for sharing :)

Bryan and Rebekah said...

I love your Halloween food ideas! So cute. Ill have to remember that for the next years to come when we have kids. Is there a powertool for pumpkin carving? LOVE your family's costumes...very creative! Miss you guys.