Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh Where Oh Where Can My Pumpkin Be

Since we are now living in a beautiful area supplied with all sorts of farms we decided to go to a real pumpkin patch this year to get our pumpkins. Summer went to the same one for a field trip just days before and had a great time. 

It was rainy and cold, so Philip wore our little baby carrier and packed Brayden around under his jacket. I think he was secretly stealing the heat from Brayden. They kept each other warm. 

Once we got to the farm we saw that u-pick apples and u-pick pears were only .70 cents/lb. I thought that was a great deal so we headed to the orchard to pick some Gala apples and some pears in the rain. 

Summer having some fun. 
It was also nice to see that there is such variety when it comes to pumpkins and gourds. Who knew. Anyhow, we loaded up on the hayride that took us all around the farm and over to the pumpkin patch to check out the pumpkins. 
At the pumpkin patch we wandered around for a bit to find our pumpkins. It was wet and muddy there and since Philip had the baby I had the honor of carrying them to the hayride. Summer is the only one prepared for the rain and yucky mess with a raincoat and boots. 
Summer enjoyed riding in the little wagon to wash and pay for the pumpkins. 
It was a lot of fun. I am glad we are surrounded by so much harvest that we can enjoy. 

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