Monday, October 3, 2011

Update Long Overdue (Random Happenings)

These are in no particular order, however, I need to update my blog since it also serves as my journal. I guess I need to work on it because I am not very regular about posting. 

We have been enjoying ourselves and preparing for the fall/winter which we are not really use to having anymore. I have decided that I really need to invest in some rain gear since it rains like crazy here. Fortunately Summer is already prepared for the puddles and drizzles. 

At the end of August and all through September we were able to go pick wild blackberries that grow everywhere. This is just across the street from us. It was nice because we could just pick a small bowl at a time to go with dinner. Maybe they are still growing. I should make a pie for Thanksgiving here since it is in a week. That is weird too. I am not use to having Thanksgiving before Halloween.  
 Here are the Blackberry bushes behind our house. 
 Brayden's First Shower
 This is when we moved him to his crib. I am a little sad not to have him right next to me, but it is better that he gets use to his bed. 
I love looking at my kids when they are fast asleep. There is something about it that just makes me want to hold them and give them many kisses. They are just so peaceful and I think it is then that I remember their innocence. 
 Here Summer is learning to ride her bike over a dirt mound with some friends of ours. She seemed to enjoy it enough. 
 Summer and Brayden watching TV together for the first time. Fortunately I don't turn it on that often so he is not really hooked, but he does like it. 
 Enjoying the Jolly Jumper. It only lasts for about five minutes before he falls to one side and wants out. 
 Brayden very frightened from the flash on the camera. Apparently he cried for quite a while. He is also very scared of the vacuum. Every time I turn it on he cries with tears and all. I have come to the conclusion I have to vacuum when Philip is home and can hold him. 
 Rockin' a tie I made out of Uncle Aaron's shirt.
 Summer after losing her second tooth. The Tooth Fairy almost forgot to bring the goods until just before she awoke. The funny thing is my friend just posted a tutorial for a Tooth Fairy pillow just for this purpose and I thought I should make one and never did. I guess I really should have. 
Brayden looking a little bald as Philip would say. He is just too cute. I can't get enough of him. 
 Brayden has started to coo/talk a lot. He also loves laughing and interacting with us. He especially likes Summer as long as she is not flopping him all over the place. Recently he has been grabbing for toys and Summer's hair. One of his favorite things is taking baths. I think he is getting a tooth because he is very slobbery and chews on his fingers all day long. 
 One day after school we made play dough. Summer made an alligator and it reminded us of Texas at the alligator park (Brazos Bend)
 This one is for my sister who loves Kiss. At least she use to. It reminded me of her, so I thought I should have Summer try it on. What do you think Kori?
 Brayden finally wearing the Darth Vador shirt his dad got for him. Philip loves Star Wars and when we saw this shirt on clearance at the GAP last January it made it into the cart. Philip has been wanting him to wear it since he was newborn. Now that it is October I gave in. 
 Also since it is October I have decided to make a fun Halloween meal for dinner every Monday night for Family Home Evening. Tonights menu was courtesy of Martha Stewart, and it was a lot of fun. Even though I shaped her meatloaf into a bat she still wouldn't touch it. At least the ghosts disappeared. 
Anyhow, it has been way too long. I hope to keep it up a little better now that I am in a better routine with Brayden and Summer is off to school. Oh Yeah, see I forgot all about documenting those pictures. I guess more posts to come tomorrow or sometime this week. 


SNSsoup said...

LOVE the Halloween dinner idea!!! I think I just might steal the idea from you... that is IF you don't mind. Summer's so cute--- and your little guy looks just like your dad I think. He's grown quickly! How old is he now??? Wild blackberries?! Lucky! It looks so green and gorgeous where you live now... it may rain a lot, but I'd LOVE it there!

Baby Makes Three said...

Summer is growing up fast! Beautiful girl! Brayden looks just like her! Glad you all are enjoying your new home!

Sara said...

Your kids are adorable! And zac used to be deathly afraid of the vacuum as well....until he was about 2!! You seem to be doing well up there in Canada! If you're ever down this way, let me know!

Bryan and Rebekah said...

Love your updates! I wish we had blackberries growing like crazy in our backyard! Good to hear some updates...keep it up!