Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh No We Have a Shopper on Our Hands!

Summer is going to start school here on August 23rd. I can't believe she will be in kindergarten. I still don't know who her teacher will be, or what school supplies she needs.

We decided to go school clothes shopping, or at least looking since we may go on the no sales tax day coming up. She has always loved trying on clothes in the dressing room and insists on doing a dance and singing a song in the mirror before she will take the outfit off and try another one on.

This time when we went she was just so excited about it all. She found this shirt with a scarf on it that you can wear as a scarf, a belt, or a headband. She was begging me to let her have it. Since it was on clearance for $5 I went ahead and got it for her.
I saw this one on the rack and asked her if she wanted to try it on. She said I am not a boy and I don't want to wear a tie like a boy. Then I explained that this is made for a girl and that is why there is a matching skirt and a little bit of pink in it. After trying it on she decided she wanted it too. I did not get it yet because I was not sure what Phil would think of these 80's/90's style clothes. That is why we took pictures of all the clothes we tried on. She keeps asking me when we are getting her the tie.
Ok, so most of the stuff I tried on there was pretty normal, but there really were a ton of 80's clothes. They are actually cute for little kids.
She did a bunch of twirls in these outfits, but my junky camera of course can't really capture that.
This was by far the most 80's of all the ones we tried on. I sure do love the 80's, but I never thought I would be dressing my kids in 80's clothing for normal day attire. It was also her absolute favorite because of the fake necklaces that are printed on and embellished with rhinestones. She is such a girl.
It really was fun spending a few hours shopping around and trying on clothes with Summer. She makes it very entertaining when she pretends to be a rock star in the mirror. I sure do love it.

She is so excited to start school. She asks me everyday when school starts, and if she gets to go tomorrow. Today I caught her trying on the new clothes that I did get for her. She can't wait to join the big kids in the big school. On the other hand I am kind of sad. In fact I was watching some videos that I posted a long time ago on my facebook page. I got a little emotional when I saw how little she was then and how she spoke like a baby. She really has just grown up right before my eyes, and I wonder where I have been. She thought it was so funny to her herself talk like a baby and pronounce things wrong. She just kept laughing at it.

Anyhow, we will really be shopping again soon. Maybe I will find some really rad 80's looks to blog about.

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Marissa said...

How fun! I love the way she poses she is just too cute!