Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chixie the Froggie

About two months ago Summer got to pick out a couple tadpoles at the local garden center. We brought them home, and followed the instructions for taking care of them. She named one Squirt because it was small, and one Chixie because she made it up and felt it would be a good name I guess. Unfortunately Squirt only made it a couple of days before it died.

Over time we watched the tadpole eat a lot of lettuce, and slowly get bigger. One week I noticed that its appearance was changing a bit. Summer and I kept watching for legs to grow. They finally did, and within a few days it popped out front legs too, or are they arms? Anyhow, it was almost a little frog. The next morning it lost its tail, and would not stay in the water, so we decided that now it must be a frog. It was about the size of Summer's fingernail.

We have been trying to feed it food, but it refuses to eat what we give him. Since it wasn't eating it also wasn't growing. We decided it was time to release Chixie the froggie at the park so that hopefully it would find food that was more appealing.
Summer finally got brave and held her little froggie before we let it go live in the lilly pads at the park. Look how small it is.
It really was super interesting for us to watch the transformation from tadpole to frog. If you haven't ever tried it you should because it is entertaining.
Whenever we go to this park we are sure to find other animals. This time it was a bunny.
The good old tire swings. I remember playing on these every day as a kid. Ours was a really tire, and we would flip it upside down and through the chains to make it higher off the ground, and more dangerous.
She is natural at swinging on bars. I really need to get her in gymnastics again. She is like a little monkey.

One last goodbye to our little frog Chixie. I hope it survives, but at least we will never really know for sure. We will just assume the it thrives, and if we ever see a larger frog at the same park we will pretend it is Chixie.

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