Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blue Bell Ice Cream! YUM!

Since Summer is going to start kindergarten on the 23rd I thought we should go on a field trip to get in the school spirit. Actually, we have been wanting to visit the Blue Bell factory for some time now. We were hoping to go in April when the Blue Bonnets were in bloom because I hear it is quite a sight.

We ended up going on a super hot day which is normal for us here in Houston. That just made the ice cream that much more yummy.
It was interesting to see how they make the ice cream, and to see all the workers packing it up ready for shipment. The only husband who did come actually use to work for Dryers in high school. So it was interesting to hear his experiences working with ice cream and of course eating a lot of it too.

The kids were very happy to get a scoop of their choice. Summer had to have the same as Kate and Sawyer of course. They chose Krazy Kookie Dough which hot pink and blue colored sugar cookie dough. It sure was sugary just what Summer loves. I had to try the Blackberry Cobbler thanks to a friends facebook comment about how good it was. She was right. It was so good that I came back home and bought some to give to Phil since he didn't get to come with us.
They actually had an affordable souvenir in the country store which was perfect. Straight from my childhood were these ice cream cone poppers. The kids had so much fun asking each other if they wanted a lick of ice cream followed by a pop in the nose by the foam ice cream. So Fun!
If you don't live in on of the lucky 17 states that carry Blue Bell you are missing out. They serve vanilla at any Outback Steakhouse, but that will not do it justice. It really is pretty good.

It was a fun road trip, and we look forward to coming up with another one soon.

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