Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lemonade! Get Your Lemonade!

A few months ago I made this table cover for Summer to do a lemonade stand. Unfortunately it rained for the next two weeks here, and then I just kept putting it off. Finally we went ahead and set up her stand for business on Thursday. We went out around 4:50 just when people started coming home from work. Since we still live in a complex we went near the mail boxes and set up there.
Summer was so excited to finally get a chance to sell some lemonade.
Here she is in action. She held up the sign and waved it around. She also sold cookies that were pretty much melting in the heat.
After about 10 minutes of being out there she decided it was pretty hot. So she had some lemonade and said that helped to cool her down.

People were so generous and nice to such a cute little girl. Several people bought a cup of lemonade and left her and extra .50 cents to $1.00 for her hard work. The only person who had a problem with it was the guard who said that I should get permission from the HOA. I didn't realize that it would be a problem for little kids to have a little lemonade stand.

She had a lot of fun, and that is what matters. She is learning to work, earn, and have fun. The only big problem about having a lemonade stand in Houston is the location of the stand. I guess I didn't look hard enough, because I set our chairs up right over a bunch of fire ants. We both got attacked, and that is when we hauled everything in and went home. She did sell all of her lemonade and most of the cookies.

I would say it was a successful day of lemonade drinking and selling.


Amelia said...

So cute! You're so creative, I love it :) We will be back in Houston soon!

Nicole said...

Summer is seriously the cutest little girl ever! I can't wait to do cute things like that with Jackson :)

Bryan and Rebekah said...

I wish we could have bought some lemonade! Bryan loves supporting little kids lemonade stands:)

susannah said...

How fun, and the table cover is adorable.

The Mangums said...

You are amazing! Love the table cover. Summer is so cute too. Now I need something to drink :)