Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gymnastic Pictures!!

I remembered to bring my camera this time. Here are a bunch of pictures. I really like this place, and look forward to taking Summer there.
Hanging from the Bars. I love how they have kiddie size equipment.
Summer with Coach Fransisco. I think that is his name.

The balance beam. It is also fun to see them teach them how to land and put their arms up just like in the olympics. I know she must love it.


candise said...

AWWW I Love it! I was a gymnastics girl too when I was little. So much fun, and the arm thing was definetly one of my favourite things!

Sara said...

Summer looks so cute! I can't wait until Liv can start doing all the little girly things like dance and gym...and who knows, maybe Summer will be an Olympian!! :)