Friday, May 29, 2009

Last night we had our friends twins over for the night while she was in the hospital after having a baby. It was so much fun. Summer was entertained the whole time, and of course she tried to mother them. They are probably so happy to be in their own home without a mini mother. Philip was enjoying it so much because he is not use to boys, wrestling, tackling, etc.
After the boys left Summer wanted to make some clothes for her doll. We then went to Walmart for some things. On our way back she stuffed her doll in the seat with her so it could be safe too. When I got home I found her sleeping. This never happens anymore. Naps are history in our house, so this was a surprise to me. She really must have worn herself out with the boys.

Philip giving the kids a horse ride all at once.
After they all tipped over.
It was fun, and crazy.


Kevin and Kerry said...

You guys saved us!! Thanks again for watching the boys. You are great friends. I am glad that Phil and Summer had so much fun. I loved the pics!!

Jen said...

Very cute pictures of Summer sleeping. I am impressed that you make clothes for her dolls, I need to do that too. I would probably do a bad job at it though.
Well it looks like you are doing wonderful. I hope you have a good summer. Take care

Jeff, Nancy and Nathan said...

I think it's so cute that Summer put her doll in with her to keep her 'safe', aren't kids funny. I can't believe Scott would be turning a year old in three weeks. I'm sure that he is always around you, feeling your love and keeping an eye on Summer LOL. I love you and hope everything is going good for you.