Sunday, May 24, 2009

Crazy day at Brazo's (the alligator park)

Philip's brother Paul came in to town on Thursday night. We have been looking forward to his visit for a while. It has been so fun to visit with him.

Friday we went to Brazo's Bend State Park and it was the most action we have ever had when going there. Here are some videos of all the action. Unfortunately I don't know how to merge the videos into one, so there are a lot of little ones.

I can't believe how close we were. I am so glad that Paul happened to look behind him. If he would not have glanced behind the alligator would have walked right through us. As you can see we did not have time to bring the stroller with us. We just left it. I think Summer is petrified of her stroller now.

OK, seriously we were strangely close to these alligators. What were we thinking? Oh well, it made for the best adventure so far at Brazo's.

It was a lot of fun, and we miss uncle Paul already. Thanks for coming Paul.


Jeppesen Family said...

That is so crazy! My kids keep watching it.

Baby Makes Three said...

Um, yeah. We won't be going there anytime soon! =D Scary!!!