Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Tribute to Scott

Yesterday was the three month mark since we had Scott with us. It seems like time goes fast yet at the same time it is still so long before I get to hold him and see him again. I often wonder what he would be like and look like.
Since I am always making random items for my etsy shop I find that every now and then I need a baby to pose for the pictures. Sometimes it is frustrating that I can't have my own baby to try my creations out for me. Then I think he probably would be really chubby and big and may not fit them.
It is very interesting to wonder what he would be like or what milestones he would be achieving. I think he would be a good calm baby. At least that is what most moms wish for. I also know he would probably have to defend himself from Summer as she would think his eyes are buttons to poke at.
This is a picture that Philip's mom gave to me when Scott died. Since it was three months yesterday I thought I would post pictures of them both wearing the same outfit. Philip was blessed in it, and Scott wore it when he was born for a bit as well as for his burial. It is very special that we still even had it.
We all love him and think of him all the time. Time can only heal a broken heart, but still the feelings of loss remain deep within. It is the comfort of family and friends, and of course the gospel that keeps us feeling more upbeat.


janalee said...

Those photos are so touching- thanks for sharing them :).
[I found a link to your blog on the Angels Among Us blog]

larsen family said...

That is sweet that he could wear his fathers outfit. What a sweet pic. Hang in there.
Jen (also form the Angels Among Us blog)