Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike Part 2: After

So, we prepared as much as we could for Hurricane Ike to come. We lost power at 12:20am Saturday morning. The night was long and loud. When we woke up after a bad nights sleep, there was only a little water from the windows and doors downstairs to mop up, and a loss of one screen. The power of course did not come on again through the night.

Saturday morning we headed outside to see the damage around the complex. Mostly debris all over the place. We made our way over to the neighbor's to check on them. All the kiddos ended up playing in the rain and small pieces of roof that had blown off.
Conner, Jace, and Ellie loving the water and no power.

Summer in her rain clothes. Ready to play in Hurricane Ike aftermath.

A stop light hanging a few feet from the ground. I thought it was an interesting picture.

This is Highway 288 just below our townhouse complex. We are just to the right up the green grassy hill.

The other side of the bridge looking at Highway 288 headed downtown.

Our complex to the right.Ward efforts to help people near the church clean up their yards.
The roots of the huge tree our bishop is cutting down above. I think there were five trees like this just in one yard.The missionaries admiring the cut tree. This is as much as it could be cut by us. We did not have a chainsaw large enough for the rest.
Apparently Philip loves to climb trees.
Just a bit of the debris we cleaned up and placed along the side of the road.

We are so lucky to have little damage and to have only lost power and water for a few days. Our power finally turned on Monday night around 10:00pm. We are super thankful for power and air conditioning. Many others have sustained far more damage, and it will take the effort of so many of us to get things back together. I really can't complain because losing power for a few days is nothing compared to the devastation that others are facing. I am very blessed.


nat & ben said...

it is good to hear you guys are ok.

Sara said...

Yay, I'm so glad you guys are ok. What an adventure for sure!! When are you guys coming up this way next?? Miss ya!

ryan, kristen, kate and sawyer said...

wish I was there! okay...not really, this is pretty fun to see my mom. but ryan was really jealous he didn't get to chainsaw something. once I get home we need to cut some fabric for a quilt!