Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hospital Room

So lately I have been keeping myself very busy making crafts. I have allowed myself to get so busy with them that I can go a several days before I take step back and give myself a break.

We decided to clean the carpets on Saturday, and I was forced to put all my junk away for the weekend. Now that I have had a few days break from crafting my thoughts have turned again to my life. I know most of my post include my family and especially experiences with my son. I just can't help it, so please bare with me.

Since our experience with Scott back in June I have had this weird desire. On several occasions I have wanted to go back and sit in room 365 of the Texas Women's Hospital. It is an interesting desire, but every time I think of it I get a little emotional and think it would help. Maybe someday I will actually go and sit there to ponder or something.

For me it is interesting that I can be so busy that I keep from really getting emotional, and then as soon as I stop for a couple of days it is back. I suppose this is the roller coaster that I am told I will probably have. I am grateful for it though, because it helps me not to forget those special moments and feelings I had with Scott and my family during that time.

It is nice to have Summer around to keep me entertained and happy with her sweet spirit. I love both of my children so much. What a blessing.


monique said...

I can't imagine NOT having those same feelings. You seem to have done amazingly well with everything. I'm glad you've been able to keep yourself busy though. I'm sure it helps a ton. Cute new background! Love the Halloween theme!

Audrey said...

Melissa you are such an example to me. The strength you show is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I think it's really good you keep yourself so busy. That must help you a lot. I think visiting the hospital room is a good idea - anything that helps you remember Scott better is good.