Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fun With Summer

For FHE on Monday we decided to color Easter eggs. Philip and Summer enjoyed each others company while I cleaned the kitchen and took pictures.

Summer loved the color blue. The little egg holders that come with the kits were too difficult for her to use, so she resorted to using her hands. Also, we had to strip her clothes so she would not dye them.

Here is the evidence of the blue Easter Egg dye. Luckily a long bath took car of most of it.

Summer was doing these tricks in her room by the mirrors and asking me to take pictures. I think I should enroll her in gymnastics or something.


the Dewey's said...

Oh, I just love when their cute little hands get dyed funny colors! Happy Easter!

The Hamm Bunch said...

Hey guys! How are you doing? I can't believe how big you little girl is!!! CRAZY! Love the skirt you made. I have only really ever made quilts so I really admire anyone that can actually make something to wear. Keep in touch!