Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So I am finally taking the time to answer a tag. This is the only purse I own really. The contents inside vary from day to day, however, this is the latest.
*Ugly black wallet thing
*Drivers License
*1 Debit Card
*1 Credit Card
*Sam's Club Card
*3 Insurance cards (dental, health, vision)
*Kroger savings card
*Randall's savings card
*Library card
*Hancock Fabrics card
*Ikea kids club card
*Coyote Point Museum membership card
*Portrait club card
*Geico card
*Recreation Therapy Certification card
*Southwest cards (rapid rewards)
*CPR & First Aid certification cards
*CPR instruction card (in case I forget)
*Gap gift card
*Several business cards or appointment reminders
*Picture of Summer
*Check book
*eye glasses cloth
*Scrapbook card thing
*2 of Summer's hair bows
*2 pens and a pencil
*Hair clip
Seems messy, but at least I didn't have stale goldfish crackers in there or something.
I Tag: Brittany K, Brooke, Becca A, Jill C, Jana, & Monique


monique said...

I'll get to it, I promise. It looks like fun!

Jill & Ryan said...

Are you kdding me? It would take me two days to write everything that is in my purse. And frankly I do not know if I want to know. My purse pretty much becomes a garbage dumping ground for anything anytime. Its disgusting. Yours on the other hand, looked very organized. I am impressed.

Matt and Michelle said...

It's so good to hear from you. I am glad that you found us. I have often thought about you guys and wondered how you were doing. I cannot believe that summer is already 2!! Didn't you just have her? Congrats on the 2nd baby. When are you due? We will be praying for your family. I have always thought you are such and amazing person! Noah is almost 5 he starts kindergarten this year. We also have two other boys Josh and Mason. I will stop rambling now. It's so good to hear from you. Yeah another blogging buddy!!