Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Enjoying Life in Canada

Summer has been enjoying life here in Canada. She really misses her friends in Houston and asks about them almost everyday. However, she has found plenty of things to do in order to keep busy and have fun.
The other day she came down and showed me how she put a leotard on her penguin. She thought it was so great that they could have matching dress ups.

A few minutes later I found her in the living room playing gymnastics with her stuffed animals. She was the coach of course. She taught them all the things she use to do in gymnastics back in Houston.
Moments like this make me smile, and grab the camera. She is creative and loves her animals.
She has also been spending time with her cousin who lives very close. They had fun yesterday enjoying the nice weather outside.
They found a dead lady bug so Summer asked her cousin if she wanted to put the lady bug in heaven. Summer made a sign and they went out to burry the bug. Translation of the sign, "Dead Lady bug be gentle."
Today Grandma Harvey came over with some flowers to plant with Summer. I was delighted because Summer had so much fun, we have lots of flowers, and I didn't have to bend over with my big prego belly to plant them. Summer wasn't too thrilled to see me taking pictures.
Summer relaxing while Grandma does all the work. Still making Grandma slave away.
Finally she gets in there and finishes off by watering the flowers. It will be fun to see them bloom. She also planted a flower my mom gave her last year for her birthday. Now she finally gets to watch it grow.

Anyways, there you have it some adventures from Summer.


SNSsoup said...

She's ADORABLE Melissa! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that she dressed her penguin up in a matching leotard! That picture of her teaching the penguin and other stuffed animals is PRICELESS! I bet you appreciate living closer to family now--- it's so wonderful that Summer get's to be by grandparents and cousins. I hope you're settled now with the new babe arriving soon. I can't wait to see pictures of him--- I'm sure he'll be so handsome because Summer is such a beautiful child. Congrats on the move and enjoy and hopefully get some rest these next few weeks!

Bryan and Rebekah said...

I was thinking this post was going to be a baby post! I know its probably too early...but I am excited for you. Thanks for the apron suggestion. Ill get to it eventually. We are busy as ever trying to move all our furniture out of the town house:/