Sunday, October 17, 2010

Summer's Visit to the Houston Temple

We have been wanting to take Summer to see the Houston temple for some time now. It is a great opportunity for her to walk around the temple grounds. The beauty, and spirit present at the temple is something that can be enjoyed and felt from inside and out. So, we wanted her to experience it a little bit too.
She had a lot of fun walking around asking questions, and finding special things to see there.
While Philip went inside Summer and I sat at this fountain located at the front entrance. It was quiet and peaceful like it always is.

While I went in Philip sat at this fountain and helped her write in her journal. She also drew some pictures.
She is pointing to one of the special things she saw while we were there. This is the date the temple was erected in 2000 engraved in the temple stone.
Of course she loved the flowers the most. she enjoyed smelling them and just seeing how nicely taken care of they were.
This October 2010 Ensign is entirely devoted to learning about the temple. It is such a nice issue that has several pictures of the beautiful temples throughout the world. There are also several talks about temples and the preparation for entering the temple. A short section is directed for children called "Your Path to the Temple" it was a great resource for us to encourage us to take Summer to see the temple.

She counted on her fingers how long it would be until she can go inside. She is really excited and looking forward to it. At least for now, we can take her and help her to feel the spirit that is even present on the temple grounds.

I am glad that we all got the opportunity to go. It was nice to spend time as a family doing something that makes us feel good inside.

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